Michael Jackson autographs will get rarer and rarer. As more get bought, more are kept by Michael’s adoring fans to never be re-released back into the market.

If you want a unique, interesting, and super cool gift (or investment), check out the autographs listed below by clicking on the picture of the one you are interested in.

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12 Responses to “Autographs”
  1. Daniela says:

    I want a real autograph from Michael Jackson under $50.00 sooo bad! an original REAL one! Thanks!

    • cb says:

      never gonna happen!

    • terika says:

      i found some for around 18 and 19 dollars

    • Ray Hill says:

      My name is Ray Hill. My entire family is in the Entertainment Industry. I have worked with just about every celebrity
      on the planet!!! My brother worked for Michael Jackson at his ranch (Neverland) for 12 years, while living in a bungalo on the ranch. I have a personalized autograph directly from Michael which he gave to me as a friend at family and friend’s day, which they had every so often at the ranch.
      Now, what is incredible about this particular autograph is that is was signed my himself, at his own leisure (not in some crowd of fans.). Very little people now about Michael’s “Special Code”. This extremely rare autograph not only carries Micheals right thumb print, (Michael usually always wears gloves when he signs) But it also has his sercret code written underneath. A message specifically to me. {Couldn’t tell you what it means} but some have said that he was predicting his date of death. (What ever..) Anyhow, the autograph reads…

      To: Ray Hill Love Michael Jackson
      (code….) Email [email protected] or 661-289-7503

      • Ray Hill says:

        This autograph is available again!!!! It is authentic and rare. Mjj’s right Thump print is clearly on the glossy. From the ‘dangerous’ era … This particular glossy ‘Black or White’ is hard to find. definately for the collecters. Call 805 587 2180.

  2. Chris says:

    Hi! I just bought 2 of them yesterday! FINALLY! but no way (no offence) in a million years will you find a authentic michael jackson autograph for under 50 bux let alone if you do its fake, preprinted or some other thing. But the person who found it for 18/19 bux most likely fake or preprint.

  3. Trish Hessey Autographs says:

    I have a one of a kind autographed menu from Neverland Ranch in honor of Joe Jackson, it was Joe Jackson Day and Michael had a menu and entertainment provided in honor. It is signed by Michael Jackson, Randy Jackson, and Jackie jackson. You can view it at Trish Hessey Autographs, or currently taking bids on EBay right now at:

  4. elena-JackO4ever says:

    heyy guys need some help i want a REAL – ORIGINAL – AUTHENTIC – michael jackson autograph and not a fake reprinted from stupid stores again!!

  5. Iddy says:

    Someone just sold a signed cassette tape on eBay for about £14.

  6. Cazra Gaznavi says:

    UMMMMM I AM THE BIggest fan of MJ his moonwalk I have been trying to do it for many years but I don”t know how anyway I love MJ so much I just wished he never died Love Cazra and I hope MJ can read this and if you can read this this is what I say to you you are the best human ever made and I love you MJ I am In primary 2 And ya I belive You are a Muslim Love Cazra you can call me Caju Love you love me Best Blog Ever

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