Michael Jackson Memorial Service

First song, Hold my Hand, released from the new Michael Jackson album.

New Michael Jackson Album Info, News and Controversy. Is this really Michael Singing on Breaking News?


- Michael Jackson rests at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California.

- Dr. Conrad Murray is still awaiting his criminal trial for killing Michael Jackson.

- Over 200 unreleased songs by Michael Jackson remain unreleased.

- This Is It Movie has been released.

- Michael Jackson’s songs remain wildly popular. His estate is now, ironically, making more money than when Michael Jackson was still with us.


Latest – Michael Jackson Burial

Michael Jackson was buried on September 3rd at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles. Michael Jackson was interred in Forest Lawn’s Great Mausoleum, in a crypt in the Holly Terrace section.

Other notable stars interred in this building include Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, and Carole Lombard.

When will Michael Jackson be buried?

Michael Jackson was buried with his trademark white glove, pearl beads, a large gold belt, and sunglasses.


The Michael Jackson Funeral started with a private service at Forest Lawn at 8 am.

Although it was publicly announced there would be no procession afterwards, that was a ruse to reduce the number of people lining the roads and freeways. The LAPD blocked all traffic as the Michael Jackson motorcade proceeded from Forest Lawn to the Staples Center.

The public memorial ceremony followed:

Date: July 7, 2009
Time: 10:00 am
Place: Staples Center

Michael Jackson Funeral Ticket

Michael Jackson Funeral Ticket

The public Michael Jackson memorial service and tribute was Christian and not Muslim. Who decided Michael Jackson’s funeral arrangements? Do they have to follow his religious views? The answers are in this special report.

Michael Jackson’s incomplete death certificate is available and analyzed here:

Michael Jackson Death Certificate

Michael Jackson’s will has been released and is available here:

Read Michael Jackson’s Will

Autopsy results are pending. Although a full report from the coroner’s office is expected to take several weeks, the initial indication is that there was no foul play.
Michael Jackson’s family has obtained a second, private autopsy, and those results are also pending.

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Michael Jackson is survived by three children: Michael Jr., Paris, and Prince. He was not currently married, having previously divorced from Lisa Marie Presley and then Deborah Jeanne Rowe.

Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson has filed a petition with the Los Angeles Superior Court seeking control over Michael Jackson’s estate and to be appointed the guardian of his three children. She was appointed temporary custody until August 3rd when a hearing on the matter will occur. On July 6th, the court ordered that the executors in the will shall have control of the estate until the August 3rd hearing.

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3,990 Responses to “Michael Jackson Memorial Service”
  1. stephanie saidi says:

    hi im wondering if you could give me some advise on how to sell an genuine michael jackson auto graph.When he came to london in 1988 he came into the seashell fish and chip shop were my mum worked that is famous in london he signed this on chip paper the autograph is immaculate please could you tell me the best way to sell this thank you stephanie x

    • vick says:

      seriously?? dude, keep it!

    • florencia says:

      i dont think u need 2 sell it cuz he waz an icon and if he gave it 2 u that mean th u lucky 2 have it. dont waste it by selling it whe u can keep atleast a really preasious memory that dosnt have 2 be music, but even better. it was his soul his way of showing his lub and that he cared for all of uz, by giving u someting 2 remember him

    • david says:

      i agree wit all of u i think u should keep it lik seriously but if u wanna sell it sell it on ebay

    • Amanda says:

      the way i whould sell it is dont hes dead and u want to keep some memories dont u

  2. cazzaboo says:

    u dnt need to sell it keep it he rocked!!!!!!!!!!

    • amber says:

      why in the heck would you sell it he was amazing i would die for it dude. i am 14 and i would kill someone for too if you are doing it for money get a job

  3. Rashima Williams says:

    Hay i think that micheal jackson was not suppose to go but i mean the Lord was ready for him and he was also a very great man and hewas also a very great singer. My favorite song is billie jean annd beat it so all you guys and gals dont sweat it all i know is that he is in a better place than what we are in now so holla at me at 1-800-778-5219 for some advice holla

  4. Rashima Williams says:


  5. whitney norsworthy says:


  6. Karan says:

    I grew up seeing MJ rock, but could’nt stop my tears when he left the world. RIP KING OF POP Miss U………..

  7. nagam says:

    can somebody tell me how to buy the ticket for michael jackson tribute concert in london june 2010

  8. alexis brook wells says:

    michael was a good man he always would make you laugh and make you smile and tell you that you had something going for you even if you didn’t he was a loveing person he never would put you down but if you were down he would briten your day as he well in hevan. And for his kids they are so cute he wanted to leave something behind so people will rember him and he did so buy leaveing his to kids behind his son and his baby girl.

    ” to the ones we have lost we pray”
    i love you for ever and always.

  9. nikki tanng says:

    MJ rest in peace.. people are stupid for thinking its one big scam. We’ve always loved you Mj! your music will be on our speakers for years to come <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. bev beaver beaver says:

    I LOVE YOUR MJ! andd yehh nikki your point is 110% correcccct! you will blow our speakers mj. Your death is ana ctually tragedy.

  11. deon says:

    i miss mj he was a true star and a angel if want to talk about mike hit me up at 7027723651

  12. judy says:

    i will miss his music

  13. ellen says:

    I feel a special bond with Michael, like so many..he died on my birthday..When I heard the news…I thought about all the things he had accomplished in his life…I grew up in the same era..so excited seeing the J5 cartoons growing up in the 70s. I just hope and pray that this is an awakening for everybody out there, especially Christians…we must take every opportunity to share Christ with those all around us. I pray that Michael is in Heaven..we don’t know why God allowed this to happen. But he tells us the “be ye also ready” Are you ready, if he calls you home today?

  14. KateJackson says:

    Michael Jackson is alive. beLIEve …

  15. ELOISE DIXON says:


  16. eliasbeth says:

    i love u michael i love u so much now that i hear your music im crying for u im sorry for ur family

  17. karine mourjan says:

    i miss you so much Michael…..I can’t tell you how much your spirit is missed ! I miss seeing your beautiful smile and listening to your tender voice….You were one of a kind ..I have been your biggest loyal fan….sleep tight until i meet you in heaven someday…. You were so loved by millions …We all miss you ! i love you michael!!!

  18. Rodger Gittoes says:

    Dear Michael Jackson .R.I.P.
    Memories of you and your beautiful music will live forever in our family ,and thousands all over the world were effected on hearing Michael had died ,that made millions of people very sad ,Anyway we have bought every song Michael composed and sang ,our Family favourite is “Ben ” its full of dedicated meaning ,we all love and miss you Michael.
    From Rodger – Irene -Michael Gittoes .
    Email busyladybird@redzone.com.au

  19. Rodger Gittoes says:

    Dearest Michael Jackson Family.
    Our hearts stopped when we realised Michael died ,It was a terrible news ,But our love for his beauitiful music lives on ertinally ,there is only One King Of Pop Michael Jackson ,we love the beautiful way he produced all his music ,every one of his songs has a memory especially ”Ben”That brings tears to our eyes every time we listen to Michaels beautifull music ,its a pity he passed away ,the world of lovely people will always have Michael Jackson in their hearts forever ,same as our family .
    Sincerely Yours.
    The Entire Gittoes Family.
    Woongarra.Bundaberg.Australia .

  20. kristal says:

    I will see you in my dreams <3

    Thank you very being you!

    Long live Michael, long live your Music.


  21. kijhgff says:

    i miss mj now. oh well people dont live forever

  22. holli says:

    R.I.P Michael Jackson…i still listen to ur music and have all of ur shirts..i still just can’t believe the greatest person on earth is gone ):

  23. karine mourjan says:

    michael i love you so much

  24. karine mourjan says:

    i miss your spirit and your million dollar smile……..God i miss you here so much i still cry…Of all people, why you???? why????

  25. karine mourjan says:

    why Michael? why did you have to leave us? Why were you taken away? you bought so much to the world? i ask why? why? why why Michael? i miss your beautiful music—nobody exudes such purity anymore–very little beauty left—you were my shining star–you lifted my spirit–such a positive force…..so much evil and cruel people.. you were so rare in your heart, mind and soul….god, why

    • marrissa says:

      yes why did he leave us ? ill tell u why cause some took his life away from us. thats why hes gone they took someone we loved so dearly away from us. i hope that who ever done this goes to jail for life for his crime. thank u

      ps think be for u do something stuppid like this never want to kill somone cause u will pay big t ime for it in your years to come.

      • TMS says:

        Why send his murderer to jail…why should tax payers have to pay to keep him alive! He didn’t give MJ a chance so why should he be given one? The King of POP is gone and he is and will be missed by millions across the globe forever. I would say God has done MJ a favor by taking him home and ending his suffering here.

  26. karine mourjan says:

    i will see you in heaven someday-can’t wait to meet you and rest in peace with you—i adore you

  27. Michael Jackson fan says:

    Michael jackson was an phenominal artist and the Best dancer in the world , no one will be able to come even close to what he had achieved in his Life . Michael had a gift from God to entertain us and make us feel good. I can’t remember one song that I didn’t at least pop a finger to. His contributions to the world are too great to mention. Every Song of MJ is My Favourite Song .I will Love You forever” He was the best . His music is so pure that i feels like i am in complete different world , infact i am listening to his music right now while writing this . Now (you are not alone ) Song is going on , i wish just for once in a life time i would have met him , He is immortal but stil his death is a big loss of energy in our lives. Michael jakson has been the most popular and loved celebrity across all the countries of world and across all genrations Since this earth is formed no entertainer so far has been able to match 1/4 of his global populairty He is an ANGEL who will reperesent MUSIC in this genesis of earth , He truly deserves his title, “King of Pop”, and I am very sorry to realize that he will never know how much he is loved and appreciated by so many. I just can’t stop loving you Rest in Peace MJ.

  28. karine mourjan says:

    i wish i could fly to heaven and bring you back down to us

  29. karine mourjan says:

    when you died i feel a part of me died—

  30. Paul says:

    i want to meet u in heaven some day but not too soon.

  31. marrissa says:

    I loved his funeral it was very heart breaking to know that the king of pop is dead. he gave so much love and look wat happened to he was killed. he was killed for know reason at all wat did he do to us . the only thing he did was give love and money to the world when we needed it the most. there was not a time or place that he ever stop giving to
    the world. now does this look like someone could ever hurt u no at least not to me. he is a is the most famous person in the world. he is the king of pop he made music come to life he was an inspuration to all the people around the world. even to me he is one of my inspurations. peolpe need to think before they guge someone like mj. thats one thing people dont do is stop and think. how do they know wats going on in his life they dont know wat he hast to go thruogh every day so why are we guging him he could guge us but he doesnt. now does he no u dont here him guge us. like he said he is know he is just like us an american human being. just because he gots money dont mean anythi ng lot of peolpe got money but that dont make them better than us we have money I mean we may not have alot of but its better than nothing at. ill tell u right now i dont belive wat peolpe say us less I see it for my self just becasuse u here somthing said dont mean its true so get it through yalls heads. Peolpe say things about me that arent true all the time. but i dont care because I know its not true. so i get on with my life iI dont worry because I have god on my side and as long as u have god u dont haft to worry he will protect u from harm as long as u pray the better off u are the longer u have to live if u do good deeds u will go to heven and thats where michael is right now looking down on earth wacthing over us just like god. well I hoped u liked wat i wrote everything I said was true. I love the king of pop long live the king.

    ps aways love the world cause without love the wolrd will fall a part so please aways love one another for all of our sakes thank u.

  32. marrissa says:

    the king of pop always will be # 1 noone can do it like mj never 1 of a kind mj

  33. marrissa says:


  34. val white says:

    michael was the bomb. if my mom was still alive she would be absolutely heartbroken that michael passed. god bless him and his family.

  35. Mark King says:

    Long Live The King Of Pop. May He Rest In Peace…………….Amen.

  36. King Mark says:

    Amen. God bless him. He truly changed the world of music. if not for him, several things won’t be the same. So, thank you Michael Jackson, and to every one who said he was a , you can go suck it. He was blessed person. Just because people wanted ot make easy money, they sued him. Can people be so cruel. Really. I’m surprised he actually lived through all the hate and every negative thing said to him. He was a man of honor.

  37. Buzz says:

    Rest im peace Michael Jackson. I’ll see you in heaven. -^_^-

  38. sc341 says:

    RIP Michael Jackson.

  39. cozie says:

    i <3 u mj my whole family does i miss u my friend shanna was crying when u died r.i.p!!!!!!!

  40. cozie says:

    mj u were my favorite singer i have so many thing to say!! i will just say this my family loves u and misses u they got tickets to see ur show and they did not get to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD ( all cries) bye forever mj!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3

  41. suzie says:

    mj i miss u so much everyday i think bout u,,, u were my man love u so much x

  42. Tamora Goodman says:

    i miss him soo much:(

  43. trice g says:




  44. John Paolo says:

    There is always dream of u………………………….. ………………… …………………………………. ……………………….?
    The lord say’s dont give up…………….. ………………………… ………………………….. ……………………………..?
    Always find the Way…………………………. ……………………. ……………

  45. Monica says:

    Rest baby…I miss you soo much.

  46. Monica says:

    I have a 5 y/o son that just started listening to MJ’s gerat music and now he is a fan. Everyday we watch your videos. My son can’t dance well but you can’t tell him that when Beat It comes on. LOL

  47. Jade says:

    How your song it is Triller, just beat it, Your Black and white that is my Favorrite song ever
    We all love you Michael Jacksaon.

  48. Scott says:

    He is a good singer and a good Danceeer my sister watches your video and music on her ipod and she is real sorry what whated to paris, prine and Blanket. they are luckiy to have lots of family to support micheal’s kids. Taaake good care of them and there brothers and sister and ispashly the mother and the father.
    Good Luck!!!!!!!

  49. KayJay says:

    I truly miss Michael Jackson.. He will be forever in our lives.

  50. Eric says:

    …….the world will never be the same without you Michael…..i`m speechless and feel so sad…..you are a big part of my life…..

    In our darkest hour
    in my deepest despair
    will you still care?
    will you be there?
    in my trails
    and my tribulations
    through our doubts
    and frustrations
    in my violence
    in my turbulance
    through my fear
    and my confessions
    in my anguish and my pains
    through my joy and my sorrow
    in the promise of another tomorrow
    I never let you part

    For you`re always in my heart .

    You`re gone to soon…….I miss you so much….

    I hope that you are now in a better world

    God bless you and your kids

    R.I.P. Michael

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