Michael Jackson Memorial Service

First song, Hold my Hand, released from the new Michael Jackson album.

New Michael Jackson Album Info, News and Controversy. Is this really Michael Singing on Breaking News?


- Michael Jackson rests at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California.

- Dr. Conrad Murray is still awaiting his criminal trial for killing Michael Jackson.

- Over 200 unreleased songs by Michael Jackson remain unreleased.

- This Is It Movie has been released.

- Michael Jackson’s songs remain wildly popular. His estate is now, ironically, making more money than when Michael Jackson was still with us.


Latest – Michael Jackson Burial

Michael Jackson was buried on September 3rd at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles. Michael Jackson was interred in Forest Lawn’s Great Mausoleum, in a crypt in the Holly Terrace section.

Other notable stars interred in this building include Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, and Carole Lombard.

When will Michael Jackson be buried?

Michael Jackson was buried with his trademark white glove, pearl beads, a large gold belt, and sunglasses.


The Michael Jackson Funeral started with a private service at Forest Lawn at 8 am.

Although it was publicly announced there would be no procession afterwards, that was a ruse to reduce the number of people lining the roads and freeways. The LAPD blocked all traffic as the Michael Jackson motorcade proceeded from Forest Lawn to the Staples Center.

The public memorial ceremony followed:

Date: July 7, 2009
Time: 10:00 am
Place: Staples Center

Michael Jackson Funeral Ticket

Michael Jackson Funeral Ticket

The public Michael Jackson memorial service and tribute was Christian and not Muslim. Who decided Michael Jackson’s funeral arrangements? Do they have to follow his religious views? The answers are in this special report.

Michael Jackson’s incomplete death certificate is available and analyzed here:

Michael Jackson Death Certificate

Michael Jackson’s will has been released and is available here:

Read Michael Jackson’s Will

Autopsy results are pending. Although a full report from the coroner’s office is expected to take several weeks, the initial indication is that there was no foul play.
Michael Jackson’s family has obtained a second, private autopsy, and those results are also pending.

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Michael Jackson is survived by three children: Michael Jr., Paris, and Prince. He was not currently married, having previously divorced from Lisa Marie Presley and then Deborah Jeanne Rowe.

Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson has filed a petition with the Los Angeles Superior Court seeking control over Michael Jackson’s estate and to be appointed the guardian of his three children. She was appointed temporary custody until August 3rd when a hearing on the matter will occur. On July 6th, the court ordered that the executors in the will shall have control of the estate until the August 3rd hearing.

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3,990 Responses to “Michael Jackson Memorial Service”
  1. ashley says:

    hey everyone i won a ticket to his memorial but was not able to go, i know its wouldnt be any good now but would anyone like to buy it? If you would send me an email and we can make an offer on it. my email is [email protected]!


    • cherryl mawson says:

      hii ashley i would love to own the memorial tickets please let me know how much you would accept for them thanks cherryl

  2. cherryl mawson says:

    like so many others i never got the chance to meet you but at the same time feel that i have known you through your words and music you changed so many people lives without knowing it mine included your music got me threw some dark times words that gave me hope and seeing how you coped wiyh situations and came out stronger each time good on you michael you showed them till the very end that you was and allways will be the best you rose above them all you were a credit to your children and them to you thank you katherine jackson for lending the world your son the world was a better place with him in it you will be missed michael god bless you i believe justice will come to the one who took you away eventually god bless x

  3. TREVON says:


  4. Cmaria says:

    I just saw the documentary “This Is It” and let me just say WOW. I have always loved your music and your vibe. You made the world a better place. Now my new favorite song of yours is The Earth Song, so beautiful! All the haters of the world should be ashamed of themselves for what they put you through. RIP. Much love!

  5. Vicky fletcher says:

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to watch his memorial again, I’d love to see it and have a little cry, please email me [email protected]

  6. annette perez says:

    Michael Jackson will always live in our hearts and he will forever be missed. When i was little, he was and will always be my idol. I grew up with the Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson’s music. We love you Michael. With love The Perez Family from Denver CO. And we will always Remember the Time with Michael Jackson.

  7. too cute says:

    hi micheal we love

  8. melissa robinson says:

    i love you michael jackson

  9. Jessica Mitchell says:

    I Love You Michael Jackson,, :) ) X X

  10. Julian says:

    I am very sad of his death. We cannot get a good pop king in our gener as we are looking for his old acts. we pray god for his spirit in life with god.

    May god bless him in calm also to his family for life

  11. mona says:

    happy birthday R.I.P michy. love you

  12. marcey says:

    Was at the History concert in South Africa in ’97, will never forget the experience….R.I.P King of PoP.
    Love always.

  13. mike says:

    we love you michael jackson i was always a fan of yours way back with the jackson five… rest in peace god bless you!

  14. Tatonia Dunlap says:

    I never had the chance to meet Michael Jackson, but I can say I can always remember him through music, dance, and my sons (one loves to sing “Beat It” and the other, his first name is Michael).

    Well Michael, thank you for sharing your talent with us. Its sad that you are gone, but it would be selfish of me to say that I didn’t want you go. But for you to find peace, you had to leave us. We are missing you and we will always have you in our hearts. Rest In Peace, my friend.

  15. shai miah says:

    the greatest if all times…..RIP MICHAEL JACKSON we miss you

  16. Raymond says:

    Michael Jackson Memorial – “We Are The World/Heal …
    11 min – Jul 7, 2009 – Uploaded by troubledblind
    At the memorial service for Michael Jackson, Kenny Ortega – who planned the “This Is It” concert tour – called Staples Center …
    youtube.com – Related videos

  17. Raymond says:

    98 wenham street
    Boston ma 02130
    jamaica plain
    617 522 3472

  18. looloo says:

    i love you michael

  19. looloo says:

    i love you micheal

  20. Qila98 says:

    I Realy Love Michael Jackson !!

  21. stacy says:

    this is the saddest time for me i am a huge micheal jackson fan ,i am listening to thriller right now and crying

  22. keyundraDah Baddest says:

    i luv u michael..!!!!

  23. ELOISE D. says:


  24. holly(drama) says:

    i absolutly love michael jackson., he is my idol. and he made beautiful music. he deff was the king of pop, and he deserves that honor..people who bash on michael should go to hell becuase he was a good man, and a good father. i miss him, and i wish i would have been able to have the chance to come face to face with him,. that would have been the chance of a lifetime. he will be truly always missed in my heart. rest in peace michael joseph jackson. i love you :)

  25. holly(drama) says:

    wtf?..are you on dope?,,why would you give someone address on here

  26. imani neuville 812 says:

    i lovvvvvvve u micheal jackson rip <3 :) =] king of pop i love your song thriller

  27. Robert diago says:

    I never had the chance to meet Michael Jackson, but I can say I can always remember him through music, dance, so iahve done collection of his skins

  28. ashley says:

    hey michael jackson was awsome. my brother lvoes him so much especially his song billie jean and beat it

  29. Troy Spencer says:

    We love you Michael Jackson, hope you are resting in peace, we will always remember you.. Loved your music and you were a true icon in the industry!

  30. sneha says:

    Hey micael I LOVE YOU ALOT, just missing u jaan. Whenever i listen to your song i just started crying,i need you,plz come back & hold my hand.

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz come back. I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu MICHAEL

  31. sneha says:


  32. vivian says:

    i miss you Michael, i love you always.

  33. Gunilla Larsson says:

    Min Idol Michael Jackson
    jag tycker om han är toppen bra

    l love you
    Michael Jackson
    Karin Gunilla Larsson

  34. Anonymous says:

    Hi guys! Michael was a great man.

  35. lisa says:

    My friends are all making fun of him!! How mean!! Rest in peace king of pop! I wish you luck in heaven!! :)
    Machael is a WONDERFUL man. RIP!!!!!

    • bethany emma says:

      michael i miss him so much that every night i cry my self to sleep that how much i miss him

  36. MJ~ FANN!!!!~!!!!~ says:

    ohhh michael~!!!!~ i luv u and u will always be in me and my familys heart!!! you were the kind of pop now i am doing my room in michael jackson and i have a blanket that says KING OF POP! soo R.I.P

  37. MJ~ FANN!!!!~!!!!~ says:


  38. jonathan cook says:

    You will always be the King of POP rest in peace Michael

  39. Shantel H. says:

    Michael Jackson Has Really Good Music And I Hope He Is Resting In Peace. It Seems Like Hes Not Even Gone Because I Know A Great MJ Immitator & He Does It All Just Like Him! I Love The Music! Especially Hold My Hand, Remember The Time, Human Nature & Much More.

  40. Sarwar says:

    He was one of many to succeed his KING OF POP DREAMS!

    Real reason how he died:

    NOt heart attack, Devil worshipers killed him!!!

  41. bethany emma says:

    im like michael jacksons bigesst fan i have him every where in my room and he is even on my pillow and dooner cover

    • whitney says:

      Amen to that .Michael is everywhere in my room.I’m actually looking for bedding of him.don’t u perhaps know of where I could get it?

  42. whitney says:

    I would really like to say that even though I never met the king of pop.His music brought us closer to him .The way he moved and danced was and will always be the works of genius. R.I.P MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON .really wished I had the chance to met ….

  43. Jenn Webb says:

    Everybody loves him. He is in our hearts.

  44. avelynn says:

    God hads one more angel 2 shin down on us………RIP…….

  45. amaya says:

    Ever day life is short…..and we all do thing that we dont need 2 do…..Michael was a good man……love u….RIP……

  46. cathy says:

    As we approach your 2nd year anniversary, its getting harder for me to come to realization that you are gone. Even though your not here physically, your spirit will live for eternity. No words can never explain how i feel about you, but I want it to be known that I will always love and miss you forever. No one will ever take your place. You will live in my heart forever. Rest well Michael,

  47. Liyah says:

    Oh my Michael,
    you wont be able to understand how i just long for you. It seems as if all my dreams of meeting you or attending your concert had just died. I miss everything about you, from your angelic voice, your breathtaking dance moves, your contributions to the world, and everything else that i wouldnt be able to write because it will be a lot. I cant see you physically, but i know that your still here in spirit, because I can still feel you. I seen you in my dreams that will forever stay with me and most importantly, I can feel your love. No one can ever take that away from us because you left it for us the day you left and we know that you feel our love up above. You will always be my hero, and my inspiration and I promise that I will never settle for less. You taught me to not only be good @ something, but be the best and I vow to do just that. In ending this, I would like to thank you for sharing your talents and not giving up when ift felt the world had given up on you. Thank you for always making your fans feel important. Not a lot of celebs do that, and you wasnt one of them. You always made sure that we know that you love us and even till this day, we still feel the love your given us. It will never die. I love you beyond what any words can say or describe, and I miss you like crazy. See you in heaven MJ!!!

  48. cathy says:

    I never can say goodbye Michael!!! Those words arent needed because goodbye means forever and I know ill see you again. I thank God endlessly for giving me the strength I need because if He didnt, I would be a complete wreck. My life is hard w/o you and it feels like sometimes I cant go on, but some how, I know your there telling me to move on. That is evidently so, because I seen you in my dreams plenty of times and i know each one is you telling me that your alright. Im at peace with knowing that. Im at peace knowing that God has you in his safe keeping. Im at peace knowing that your surrounded by eternal love, and last, Im at peace knowing that in spirit, your still here. I love you very much and I miss you…We all miss you!!!!!!! Good night MJ!!!!

  49. Aj says:

    Hey MJ, i am from india and we’re crazy behind you. i used to dance when i was small and it was my born talent. i have choreographed for my college functions. i am and my generations will be a huge fan of u. i will share your videos, ur ideas, and ur achievements with my family, friends and my children in future. you will be there in our hearts always. when you came to India before, i was very small hence missed the chance of meeting you. but no issues will meet you in heaven. i practice your moon walk everyday. i watch your pics everyday. i love the way you dressed. whatever the media says and whatever people says… MJ ur the best human. May GOD Almighty give you peace and bless your soul. u will be always there in my heart and people of different parts will surely remember you as greatest dancer, singer and entertainer. GOD Bless Micheal GOD bless you family. may lord give your kids the same talent as you had so that they also become legend. i learnt one thing from you that, “If your born with no audience or few people knowing you that you exist, die like a legend so that the whole world knows about your death and mourns and bless your soul, cry for you and say good when you’re no more”. u knw wat people MJ rocks and not only in US but also in our India.

  50. Memorial says:

    Hearing about Michael Jackson’s death was really surprising. And it came at a time when he was planning a comeback. I watched his last movie. And it was just amazing. He was truly a very talented performer–someone who gives inspiration to many other people.

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