The jury verdict in the Conrad Murray murder trial of Michael Jackson was delivered on November 7, 2011.


The jury consisted of five women and seven men. They heard testimony during a 6-week trial. Conrad Murray did not take the stand to defend himself.

The trial was noteworthy for the multiple contempt rulings issued by the judge against Murray’s attorney and defense expert for repeatedly violating court orders. This included making improper statements to the media about the trial and witnesses, and attempting to introduce inadmissible evidence to the jury.

Here are brief biographical details of the jurors:

Male, 51, Hispanic, works for the US post office.
Male, 45, White, management consultant.
Male 32, White, actor.
Male 39, Hispanic, product management.
Male 52, Hispanic, school bus driver.
Male 54, Black, television technical director.
Male, 54, White, college professor.
Female, 57, White, account manager.
Female, 48, White, paralegal.
Female 54, Hispanic, office manager.
Female, 43, White, medical marketing.
Female, 36, Hispanic, workers compensation service representative.

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