Life Size Posters and Cardboard Standups

Going big here. Anyone can have a poster. But instead of a poster-size picture that anyone can have, make a wow statement with a life size picture of Michael Jackson.

Life size posters and life size cardboard cutouts are the two primary options.

You’ve probably seen Fathead life size sports pictures advertised. Consider these to be Fatheads, but before they were invented. Even better, you don’t need an absolutely smooth wall surface to have a life-sized Michael Jackson.

Here are some sample pictures:

Michael Jackson Lifesize Cardboard Cutout

Michael Jackson Lifesize Cardboard Cutout

Michael Jackson Lifesize Poster

Michael Jackson Lifesize Poster

Due to their unique size these posters and standups will more expensive than a regular poster.

As a frame of reference, brand new Fathead wall stickers cost about $149. If you can pick-up a vintage Michael Jackson life size picture for anywhere near that amount, it is probably a good deal.

Check here to see what life size Michael Jackson pictures are available.

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26 Responses to “Life Size Posters and Cardboard Standups”
  1. naomi says:

    he was a great person he touched alot of peoples hearts and he actually said that that all his songs were true about his life in a interveiw

  2. tammy norman says:

    he was a great person he touched alot of peoples hearts and he actually said that that all his songs were true about his life in a interveiw an i am a big fan i love listening to his music

  3. jessica says:

    Ever since i was a little kid his music was an inspiration it just made my heart swell and his mu sic just touched my heart. I grew up with his music and im a very big fan.

  4. Adriana says:

    he was such a sweet person and a great father he will be missed!!!!!!
    He will always be remembered by all of his fans.


    I am still in mourning. True I didn’t know him personally but I love him as if I did; he was my first true love:). I, like everyone else grew up imitating his every move and my most memorable is learning his Thriller dance moves to enter an eighth grade talent show. Along with my classmates we learned move for move and even made our own scary masks and costumes…it was awesome and I will never forget any of it. My heart hurts just thinking that I’ll never get to see him perform again. To his family, I can not imagine what you all are going through but my prayers are truly with you all and I love and miss him too…I’ll never let you go and I dedicate “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Deon…

  6. Mary Townsend says:

    Michael was true human being, also I never the guy but I can he had a good soul. Despite the publicity that he has been going through.
    Oh by the way how much are you selling life size cut outs for, because I have been trying to get one for the longest.
    See the reason I ask is that Michael Jackson was the only music artist I really like since I was a kid and I always wanted a life size picture like that.

  7. Walter says:

    His songs were true – and we all failed to notice “morphine” and what he was saying. Agh.

  8. haylie pike says:

    i want a life size poster of michael jackson but i cant find anything can i order from this website?

    thank you

    haylie pike

  9. paris says:

    sorry kids that ur dad died i know how u feel losing people u love vary much!!
    paris gaona



  11. Theresa says:

    I am also still in mourning.

  12. lauren says:

    he was an amazing artist,father and dancer. he tries to create peace, he is a legend i spent my childhood listening to his muisc and im sure my children listen to his music and its amazing. I cant stop listening to his songs. its true what they say the good die young XxXxX

  13. Tori says:

    I wish I was alive when he was younger so I could actually have a chance of going to one of his concerts!!! I actually Have a shrine…. ive been trying to get a cardboard cutout!!!

  14. paris jackson says:

    i love you daddy i wish people would leave you alone your the best dad ever

    • Judah Tisdale says:

      I wish micheal was still alive and he will be put to sleep. can he be by my side. Wish you was here michael. I`ll leave you alone so i can be with you in heaven when the world ends.LET YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE.RIP MICHEAL JACKSON1958-2009.

    • Lori Finney says:

      Hello Parris, I miss your dad also, and I agree with you, I wish people would leave your dad alone also. I wanted you to know I miss and love your dad too. I wish you all the best in your lives as you go on your journey without your dad. Remember, there are still people in the world who love your dad as much as you. I loved your dad soooooo much, I will never forget him.

  15. joyee says:

    how do we buy this cardboard cut out and how much is it

  16. Warren says:

    I like every one else want to buy the standup cutout of M.J.

  17. ashley says:

    this message is for my friends and my mom. when i was little, my mom tried everthing to get me to chill out when i got fussy so she put the j5 on and it made me happy and i danced. she did the same when she was younger. but ive loved michael and his music ever since. its always hard to believe it when someone passes but it always the right thing if you love them to let it go and respect them. every day i keep think that im gonna hear another new hit from mj but then that horrible nightmare come crawling back to me. but he may not be here in person but he is here in us, he lives through our love and his love will visit those who truly love him. because its all for love. this is it was the best movie ever and it would have been the best concert and i dont really believe it would have ben his last. i got a quote from him online it says: ” lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons”. lets take care of the world mj recently and will always rock. he’ll rock heaven and along with my friends and family i hope to see him in heaven, we love you michael!

  18. jocelyn says:

    i love the poster i have cuz it is autograph

  19. biggest #1 fan on earths core. says:

    he is da best ever and im #1 fan i dont care wat no one says if they say they can deel with me he will stay king and no one can take that spot.

  20. chloe says:

    he is simply the best man in the world, i meen i love him so much. the world just feels so empty without him. i just wish he could come back and tell him how i feel about him, i just wish i could rewind time. my biggest regret in life is not meeting him in person even though i feel like i have. if there any other michael jackson fans like my self please let me no i would love too have a chat:)
    remember peeps let me no if you feel the same, thanks x

  21. louie davila says:

    well i think it looks cool but they should make more i am looking for one for my birthday party and they only have like 4 but they are all awsome

  22. Sharon says:

    aldoe i neva got 2 mit MJ in person, i luv him lyk i have known him all ma life. i alwayz cry when i listen 2 hiz songz.MAY HIZ SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE.I LUV YOU MIKE, I RILI DO. ONE DAE WE WILL ALL MIT AGAIN BUT DIZ TYM WID TEARS OF JOY IN OUR FADEZ BOSSOM(HEAVEN)

  23. Peg Perry says:

    are there any more life size standups of Michael Jackson. My grandaughter wants one, and thought they were all gone.
    Please let me know

  24. Peg Perry says:

    are there any available?

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