Picture Discs

What is a Michael Jackson Picture Disc?

A picture disc is a vinyl album. However, instead of the typical black album a photographic picture is imprinted on it.

They are very cool and often placed in picture frames by collectors.

Picture discs almost always have an extremely limited quantity and the sound quality is not as good as a regular album. However, you shouldn’t be putting a needle on these to play anyway.

Here are some sample pictures of Michael Jackson picture discs:

Michael Jackson Thriller Picture Disc

Michael Jackson Thriller Picture Disc

Michael Jackson Bad Picture Disc

Michael Jackson Bad Picture Disc

Click here for the current availability of picture discs for Michael Jackson.

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21 Responses to “Picture Discs”
  1. tammy norman says:

    r.i.p micheal i am a big fan i like listening to all your music i think you were on of the best

  2. mishelina says:

    hi rip miss michael so much brilliant singer

  3. alex ratcliffe says:

    rip luv u loads michael

  4. deb says:

    r.i.p michel we love you

  5. maddy says:

    R.I.P Micheal Jackson u had the best songs luv ya
    i will miss ya king of pop

  6. Sydwel says:

    Michael, we will alwayz luv u. Rest in peace.4rm sydwel

  7. Sydwel says:

    I wonder how your sister feel, after u have past-away

  8. monica says:

    R.I.P i feel so mad for u i cried when you died i really wonder how your family and fan are felling king of pop

  9. Mandy says:

    R.I.P i was so sad when u died but my family and i miss you so much.we love you king of pop.

  10. karin123 says:

    i am so sad about michael jacksons death my heart goes out to his hole family and hes three kids.

    he staring singing at age of 5 and dacning.
    and i starting singing at age of 4 and dancing at age of 5

    i am michaels biggest fan fovever

    • Emily Rutherford says:

      That is pretty similar. I love him too and im a fan as well and i think anybody who is a fan is michael’s biggest fan because we all love him and his music so we are all connected by that fact

  11. sierra jordan says:


  12. sierra jordan says:


    • Emily Rutherford says:

      I know!!!!!!!!!!! Why out of all the unknown people in the world god had to choose, WHY OF ALL PEOPLE DID IT HAVE TO BE MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss him a lot too Sierra and the new year is going to be very hard for me knowing that he is no longer here!

  13. jocelyn says:

    love u michael you rock
    always remmember the king of pop!!!

  14. leosha says:

    Rip micheal there will never be another you.you will always be love

  15. nathan sterling says:

    I love you michael jackson you have inspired me to become like you but add a little hip hop R.I.P michael there will never ever ever be someone like you king of pop is what you are and no-one could take your spotlight why did it hve to be you and your song THIS IS IT really made me sad. love you michael you will always be in my king of pop.

    • Emily Rutherford says:

      I totally agree nathan. He inspired me soooooo much too! I love him as well and im really sad about his death. Its nice to know that somebody else shares my pain

  16. nur says:

    rest in peace michaeael r.i.p

  17. nur says:

    im till lovin himmmm sooo sad he died :[

  18. keairis says:

    i love u

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