Trading Cards

Michael Jackson trading cards are similar to baseball cards that kids collect (ok, a lot of adults as well), except that the pictures and information on the cards are all about Michael Jackson.

For the most part, these cards were created in the 1980s at the peak of Michael-mania.

Here are some sample pictures of Jackson trading cards:

Michael Jackson Wax Pack

Michael Jackson Wax Pack

King of Pop Trading Card

King of Pop Trading Card

If you get a card, or a set or pack, make sure it is one of the vintage cards. It is expected that card making companies will create new card sets now that Michael Jackson has died.

While new card sets will undoubtedly be interesting and worth getting, the ‘wow’ factor will be the older cards. The cards that people will say – hey, I remember those from when I was a kid. Wish I had kept them. Can I see them again?

This may be heresy to collectors, but decide if you are getting cards for your enjoyment, or their value and hope to sell them someday for a profit. Assuming this is for your enjoyment, which is what collecting is really all about, don’t worry about opening unopened packs. How can you enjoy your cards if you can’t see them? Or display them in albums or wall frames?

Maybe, if you’re worried about destroying the value of an unopened pack, you should get an opened pack, even though it may have some creases, fingerprints, and prior loving use.

Check here for available Michael Jackson Trading Cards.

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12 Responses to “Trading Cards”
  1. darryl says:

    I have a thriller card # 20?
    How much would this be worth?

    • Kip Merriam says:

      I have the Michael Jackson Thriller number 20 card also and would like to know how much it would be worth. Thank you for answering this for me.

    • blaine says:

      I had found a bunch of MJ cards and thought they were worth somthing but when I looked on ebay found that they were only worth a couple of dollars.

  2. Brittany Stair says:

    I HAVE ALL THE CARDS THEY R AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. jocelyn says:

    i will never exchange my michael jackson cards to me they r worth more than anithing in the world

  4. Akiu says:

    I 8 of them 2 of them stickers all in mint condition they are awsome did some research they worth in the thousands i still have them i dont know if i want to sell or keep them????????!!!!!!

  5. Kip Merriam says:

    I have a Michael Jackson Thriller card number 20. Could you please tell me how much it is worth. Thank you.

  6. Boyd Starkes says:

    Hi, I have about 20 of michael jackson cards.I’m not exactly sure where i got them from but i think they came from packages of bubble gum from when i was growing up.i have 1 where he’s dressed as a was just wondering if any1 knew what they are or if they are worth anything?Thanks

  7. Rockie Crane says:

    I have several Micheal Jackson trading cards and stickers from when I was younger could you tell me what they may be worth?

  8. slavemom says:

    I have a collection of Michael Jackson stickers from Topps from 1984 and bubble stickers in great condition. I was wondering how much they are worth?

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