Thriller Jacket

This is cool. You’re not going to wear it every day, but when you bring it out, put on Michael Jackson’s famous Thriller video, maybe do some moves, expect the oohs and aaah:

The Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket

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Here is a screen shot of Michael wearing the jacket in the video (not the best picture, but it will do):

Michael Jackson Thriller Video Jacket

What you want is a jacket that replicates the authentic Thriller jacket as close as possible.

There are some great leather jackets available.

There are also some ‘red’ leather jackets that, while nice, are being advertised as Michael Jackson Thriller Replica Jackets.


Note the black diagonals in Michael Jackson’s original jacket. A purely red jacket is not your best replica.

Here is an example of what you want, a vintage 1984 Replica of the Thriller Jacket:

Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket

Oh yeah, this is awesome.

But be on the lookout out for ‘new’ Thriller Jackets that are simply red leather jackets. Keep in mind whenever you are reading this, have manufacturers had time since Michael’s death to produce and ship-out authentic looking jackets? If not, look for the vintage or 1984 release jackets.

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In June 2011, the jacket Michael wore when filming the “Thriller” video sold for a whopping $1.8 million dollars.

The Thriller Jacket was bought by Milton Verret, who is a broker of commodities living in Austin Texas.

This was one of the two jackets Michael Jackson wore when filming Thriller. The leather jacket was worn when Jackson rose from the dead with other zombies and then started to dance.

I can hear the music in my head right now!

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This is a must have for Michael Jackson fans!

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78 Responses to “Thriller Jacket”
  1. jls says:

    this is my top 20 mj sogs

    20 bad
    19 black or white
    18 heal the world
    17 dont stop till u get enough
    16 rock with you
    15 show you the way to go
    14 give in to me
    13 rememeber the time
    12 beat it
    11 thriller
    10 the way you make me feel
    9 why
    8 liberin girl
    7 say say say
    6 i want you bac/abc
    5 blame it on the boogie
    4 man in the mirror
    3 whatzupwitu
    2 come toeghter
    1 billie jean

    i love u michael jackson rest in peace

  2. the mj girl karin says:

    i love ya u are so sexy

  3. noor mj lover says:

    love u michael with all my heart & i’m really very sad 4 tomorow
    luv u michael

  4. Rachel says:

    Michael Jackson was very talented.Even though he’s dead,his music will live forever.R.I.P MJ <3 <3

  5. nicole says:

    OMG!!!!! I WANT THAT JACKET!!!!!!UR SO SXY!!!!!!

  6. Chris says:



  7. nino says:

    LOVE LOVE YOUUUU!!! <3333<333333

  8. goli says:

    I love more than any one. he was, is and will be the greatest person in the hole univers.

  9. gary says:

    I have an actual 1982 thriller jacket from 1982. spent 795.00 on it back then. still have it. made of real leather. was digging in my stuff last week. and thought I should sell this. I’m way to big now. doesn’t fit lol. but it is in fa

  10. gary says:

    I have one. from 1982 or 3 cant recal exact time but its close. just found it again in all my stuff and though I should see what its worth. I paid 795.00 back then. it is nothing like the cheap ones out today. my only regret is not having MJ sign it when I meet him in Detroit back then. [email protected] does anyone know what it might be worth?

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