The amazing video of over 1500 inmates performing a tribute to Michael Jackson.

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The choreography is not that bad, and this shows the deep, worldwide respect for Michael Jackson.

Of course, whether they had a choice is another question for another time, but in the couple days after Michael’s passing no one else has created a dancing tribute of this size.

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6 Responses to “Inmates Orange Jumpsuit Michael Jackson Tribute”
  1. Jacqui c says:

    Thank you! Very moving.
    And congratulations – very impressing, especially considering the short time you must have had to put this together.

  2. Rere McLendon says:

    This is wonderful that Michael touched you lives as well. He will be missed. “God Bless All!”

  3. Kathy Robertson says:

    I cried again to the tribute. For the time they had and the sheer number of dancers, I am moved. I have grown up with him. I am 4 years older and he started at age 8. He has helped blurr the color lines of this nation and the world. I hope he can now see the huge impact he had and will continue to have on the pleople of the world. May he find the peace and joy that was missing while he was here. Good-bye Michael.

  4. HD says:

    This is so sweet!!! I am so moved by how devoted everyone is to Michael Jackson. Especially this video emphasizing how much he loved and wanted to save the children of the world. It is so sad the way he was judged in a most unfair manner and how this shame and sadness finally killed him. I hope his soul from the Heavens watches and realizes how much he is loved by everyone. We will be there Michael, even if not physically, we will be near you with our hearts and souls, and prayers. You will always live among us. The most kind, humble and compassionate human being, beautiful soul, dear Michael…

  5. Jan Frye says:

    I was so moved watching this video. What a wonderful tribute to Michael. I was a teenager during the time that the Jackson 5 was in their prime and loved watching Michael’s solo career as well. I feel like he has been so mispresented and I hope that his memorial service will truly be honoring him, his kindness, his sensitivity, his sweet gentle spirit and his amazing talent. I am so saddened for his family and especially his children. For the few short years that they had him as their father, they were truly loved. I hope they will always carry that with them. I also hope that in some small way it comforts them to know just how much their father was loved by so many.

  6. Tazzy says:

    Wauw… I think this is such a beautifull tribute to Michael. They did a very good job putting this together so quickly. briljant.

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