“I am so very sad and confused with every emotion possible. I am heartbroken for his children who I know were everything to him and for his family. This is such a massive loss on so many levels, words fail me.”

- Lisa Marie Presley

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15 Responses to “Lisa Marie Presley”
  1. bernadette leonard says:

    Our family mourns the loss of this gifted and AMAZING human being, I will NEVER forget how the press crucified him and his family. Pray that answers will come swiftly. I pray for his children, and his brother’s and sister’s!!! Pray for his mother and fateher!Try to have sympthy and let him rest in peace! Stop the negative comments.. I send sincere LOVE to the jackson family!

    • diana grant says:

      michael jackson i love you and you will be missed greatly to the jackson family God be with you i am praying for you i know what it is like losing your loved ones! love you paris blanket and michael and janet

  2. Eric Dalton says:

    Hello, My name is Eric. I began listening to Michael’s music when Thriller was released and soon became a fan of The Jackson 5. I somehow could feel the pain and the joy from his voice as I listened to each album. Throughout his career and trials and tribulations, i cried hurt as he hurt. I have much love to all members of the Jackson family. I am very sorry you have lost someone very dear to you, I am sure. I would like to pass on special condolences to Janet, whom i know is/was very close to her brother, Michael. My prayers are with you Janet, I am very sorry for your loss. To Catherine Jackson, the pain of losing your son Michael must be excruciating? No one except a mother can imagine the hell you must be going through. Mrs. Jackson, I am also very sorry for your loss. Michael, you have left us with many many gifts. I have enjoyed your music for 25 years. I have enjoyed your music since you passed away and i will continue to enjoy your music, videos, and short films until I too pass away. Thank You Michael Joseph Jackson !!!! God Bless You and your family in this very hard time. P.S. everyone pray for those children, they need us !!!

  3. Joy says:

    As I watch this ordeal unfold, I am taken back in time as I am sure is LMP and so much of the world. I just lost my own father just weeks ago….it seems that death just looms over us…..but as my own dad told me, death is no respecter of persons, and I am sure, that MJ…would tell us that as well. What words can be offered during this time? I am in my own grief…ppl say, their sorry, or they KNOW~perhaps, that is the one that I hated hearing the most…even tho everyone meant well. It is now, I understand at this point in life…. we all are appointed a day to pass away whether we like it, or we do not. . . the importance of it all… Being ready when it comes, and I believe with all my heart… Micheal was .. tho his precious life was cut SO short… he IS in a better place than we are along with Elvis… and my Father… and now.. they no longer suffer… that is how I cope with this …. Thief I call death. Death is but for a moment…. and we while we do miss them so VERY VERY much…. one day I KNOW that we will meet again.

    Peace and Blessings unto you all

  4. tina says:

    I will always be a fan of Michael Jackson. His music was a turningpoint. Billy Jean was outstanding and also Thriller!

    Thank you for all te beautiful music you made!

    Rest in peace.

  5. Mireille says:

    Our angel have spread their wings…
    No more suffering,
    no more tears of pain.
    you have been in life since the begining,
    now You will always be in my heart,
    Rest in peace Michael
    Luv ya xxx

  6. Johanna says:

    My name is Johanna I just want to say, that I am very hurt, sad, and sorry that my idol passed away, is very sad
    that only when our idols die we say what how much they mean to us as fans. My heart is crying. I’m sad to see on TV
    that after all his father don’t seems sad or upset about Michael passing away, that’s why Michael is not with us anymore because of all the suffering that we went thru in this life. My blessings and prayers are to his Mom, Brothers and sisters specially to his Sister Janet, whom we all know they loved each other very very much. He will always be in my heart, as a beautiful person. God Bless You and your family in this very hard times. Everyone pray for those children that lost their father.

    I will always miss you my dear Michael.

    Love and Blessings

    Johanna NS

  7. Jame says:

    this was man fell just like Elvis Presley due to drung overuse. When one is dealing with an addict, it is difficult to get them to sometimes realize they need help. my sister died from alcoholism as a result of this type of denial. She was a huge Elvis fan. The people who try to help the addict but fail cannot blame thmselves the rest of their lives as some try to do. I was not particularly a fan of micheal jacksons. I became alienated to tne man due to the probablilty that he molested children. Still. i am sorry for his family, sorry he died as he did.

  8. Tip says:

    He was an incredibly gifted man, to the point I think he was hard for us to understand on all levels. As people do they fear what they don’t understand. I can hear my god in his voice. I know by listing there was nothing to fear or punish in this man.

  9. GVL says:

    Micheal Jackson as we all know is a legend. No one would ever surpass his talent at this time. I deeply feel for the loss even though I am not related to him because we all know that we loss a gem on this earth! You are not alone is my absolute favorite song that was ever written especially sung by MJ! I do not know how can those people that made accussations about MJ sleep everyday knowing that they do not know what the real story is about? All I know is what I see and I can see MJ’s dedicated and focused about his career and an absolute perfection. I love you as an entertainer Micheal and I hope you are making the heaven enjoy your presence as much as you did made everyone happy here on earth! Thanks for all your songs and I will continue to enjoy and listen to your songs. We love you!

  10. Lynn says:

    So mUch Pain….I pray for you Lisa Marie. Not a time for regrets but a time to now see justice served… and it will be. Those that aided in Michael’s early demise will pay. I pray for his mother and the family and for eveyone that connected with Michael Jackson in some form. My prayer is that peace supercedes every other emotion as he Rests in the arms of God the giver of every good and perfect gift …

  11. vindira ramsundar says:

    Its a sad thing to know that micheal jackson is no more. my heart goes out to his family an to his kids….. Rip mj u r truly missed

  12. Lynn says:

    Still missing you Michael

  13. Evelyn says:

    It is a very sad loss for everyone,specially for those who in any way hurt Michael in his sad life. He was a very gifted special person with the heart of an angel. He gave to the world what nobody will ever give in this earth…..his music,his art his love for everyone…. I will miss him so much…..I will pray for those who hurt him the most because there will never be peace in their lives…Lisa Marie, Brooke ,The press,..My heart goes to Catherine , his kids and rest of the family,,,,You will never die for the rest of the world who allways stood by you and loved you Michael….
    I know that you are in heaven beside God…..finallly resting in peace and far away from this world of pain….allways love you Michael…..RIP

  14. Lynn says:

    I was looking at the video” man in the Mirror live concert in bucharest. ‘ Michael poured his soul into that song as he did with others…. as he told the audience” I love you Romania at the end of that song. You could see the love and the fact that God was speaking through him. As Michael often said …some songs were indeed spiritual. it was evident

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