You can listen to the 911 call to the Los Angeles Fire Department for Michael Jackson by clicking on the link below:


Interestingly, it is very ‘dry’ call – no emotional urgency.  No mention of who the call is being made about.

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3 Responses to “Michael Jackson 911 Call”
  1. Melissa says:

    Why didn’t the doctor help do CPR on him. I cannot understand if a dr is present then he should have been able to get him breathing again.Why is there no mention of his name on the 911 call. I think this call showed no emotion,no lack of concern nothing it sounds as if they knew he was dead already….

  2. Air,Thailand says:

    Totally agree with Melissa

  3. Sonika says:

    I totally agree with Melissa. Why did they wait until he was dead? It sounds like the doctor didn’t do his job. If MJ were with the doctor when he had a heart attack or something, why did the doctor not put him on the floor and do CPR right away? Somebody knows more than he’s willing to admit. This story have many holes. I dont have a heart condition but i know what to do in such cases, i even know how to give myself CPR. His doctor should have told him this.

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