Never before seen video footage of the Pepsi commercial accident which burned Michael Jackson’s head.

YouTube Preview Image

Near the end you can see fire engulfing Michael Jackson’s head, and then the burned-out spot on top of his head.

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10 Responses to “Michael Jackson Pepsi Video Accident”
  1. Air,Thailand says:

    That’s hurt

  2. irina says:

    An accident,which has influenced his career and probably led him year by year to his death.R.I.P.,Michael.You have taught us,your fans a lot of things.

  3. Micheal, i will forever love you thank you for great music.

  4. kendra says:

    it was the comercial that led him to his death because he started taking pain killers

  5. MARIA says:

    I also believe that the Pepsi commercial┬┤s accident, made Michael start takin pain killers and also his vitiligo desease started media and people say bad things about him. Such an unfair situation.

  6. tina says:

    i agree with u maria they have killed i cant stop crying anytime i hear his name mentioned on news we shld let him rest in peace.

  7. Benedict Ferguson says:

    i know Michael did not die by himself,it was a plain,they are trying to kill all our legend,he was so great and now no one like him.the word love u Michael may your soul rest in peace.

  8. Shazia says:

    AHHHH, I believe Michael was a nice human fellow but his bad luck didn’t let him live….. it is unfair. He was and will be special and nobody will like him.

  9. lashawnta says:

    i love micheal jackson so much i kno im
    young and allilove all hiz music really i do i use to call
    him my daddy well i still ummmi really dont have anything 2
    say but i love him always and forever and you will alwayz be in my heart
    and i will never ever forget you well i hope you in a good place welli know you
    is youalwayz do the right thing and we will never forget you well really me

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