Hold My Hand is the first officially released song from the new Michael Jackson album titled Michael.

Hold My Hand is a duet recorded between Michael Jackson and Akon. If you are not familiar with Akon, he is a producer and also a rapper.

The song was recorded in 2007

If you have heard the song before that is because an unfinished version was leaded on the Internet in 2008.

Recently, Akon finished production of the song for release on the new album.

Unlike the new song Breaking News, around which there is much controversy as to whether or not it is really Michael singing, there is no question that Michael Jackson is singing on this song: Hold My Hand

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3 Responses to “Michael Jackson Song Hold My Hand”
  1. Cameron Wright says:

    Michael We love you. We will miss You!!!!!

  2. matthewstonich says:

    There is no question ive liked michael jackson since off the wall i know michaels voice and its him cant say anything about the rest of the album i know its wrong for sony releasing this other garbage they claim to be michael i like others will love him for eternity and as far as im concerned pop music died june 25th 09 long live the king of pop.

  3. emmasherrod says:

    love this song

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