The ‘new’ Michael Jackson song “This Is It” will be released on October 12, 2009.

Shortly before Halloween, a new two-disc album will then be released.

This Is It is not currently scheduled to be sold as a separate single, although radio stations will have access to it to play over the airwaves.

This It It by Michael Jackson will be released by Sony Music’s Columbia/Epic Label Group.

The release of the song “This Is It” coincides with the release of a movie by the same name which is based on film footage of the London concert rehearsals Michael Jackson was performing when he died.

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8 Responses to “New Michael Jackson Song This Is It”
  1. lisa says:


  2. kiki says:

    i know i get paid on that day so i can go and see it ….

  3. Brionna says:

    I Love Michael Jackson So Much&&I Cant Believe He’s Reallyy Gone..I Cant Wait To Go See “This Is It”

  4. elena-JackO4ever says:

    i live n breath 4 the day im going 2 the cinema and see “This Is It”!!!!!!!!!!GOD BLESS YOU JACKO!!!

  5. micheal lives 4eva says:

    i an SSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO happy my mom got the dvd so i can watch it how much i want it is so inspirational

  6. Paul S. Johnson says:

    I saw “This Is It” and bought the video. I was so impressed by what MJ was going to do at the ’02 arena in Britain. That show (50 of them) would have been the best show to ever take place on earth!! It was in “This Is It” that I discovered a song I did not know about called “The Earth Song.”

    This was his most mature video and the best video I have ever seen!! Wow What a SAD loss to our planet MJ’s death was.

    I hope MJ is in Heaven, a better place, and that he is singing with the Angels. I hope MJ knew the Lord and that way, we will all get to meet him in Heaven, if we are saved.

    MJ was a gift from God to our earth, and as MJ said “Gone Too Soon.” I wish Michael had a better doctor and I have a sleep disorder too, like Michael, I have really bad insomnia. But I was able to get on meds that work for me, very well, and they are not hard to get.

    I wish I could have told MJ about them, one of them is Amytriptaline and the only side affect is a dry mouth. All he would need to do is drink lots of water. It would NOT have killed MJ.

    The doctor was negligent by either not knowing about drugs like I mentioned, or not thinking to prescribe them. I would hate to be in MJ’s doctor’s shoes!! He must be the most hated doctor in history.(Other than Mengele) And he deserves it. (But Don’t let hate consume you, this “doctor” has a soul too, I’ll bet he’s feeling all that hate. But It won’t bring MJ back.)

    So the Earth Song has made me more cautious about my own “pollution” and I hope that song’s message really takes people by the heart. So, if you want to see Michael again, if he is in Heaven, get saved by the Grace of Our Lord Jesus.

    There is only one way to get there, and that’s by having Jesus in your life.

    I only wish that Michael had known about other drugs for sleep, like I’m taking, that DON’T KILL YOU!! (Like Amytriptaline that only gives you dry mouth, so all you have to do is drink a bit more water.)

    What a horrific thing that happened to MJ and he left the earth while dreaming, in his sleep, and hopefully woke up to
    to find himself in Heaven with Jesus.

    Don’t be sad, remember the message of love that MJ brought, and kindness and protection of children. It’s so ironic that MJ wanted to “re-live” his childhood a better way, the day he died I heard someone say on TV “The Man/Boy MJ has died”

    I wish his father, Joe Jackson, was not trying to greedily to get what cash he can from MJ’s estate. What an ass he is, and he abused Michael, and called him “Big Nose”–then people wonder WHY MJ had so much surgery to change it.

    Let’s go on with our lives knowing we had such an incredible person, MJ on earth and he blessed us with his music and message. That will never change.

    Love Eternal, -Paul-

  7. betty says:

    THIS IS IT THIS IS IT THIS IS IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mekanizm Records says:

    Check out New Song Featuring MIchael Jackson from Rapper Cane Murphy
    Titled “Reflections of the man in the mirror” the song was wrote by Cane while looking for hope after a Tragic accident left the Rapper in horrible 24 hour pain, awaiting a very dangerous 2nd reconstructive spine operation with titanium screws & rods drilled into his spine. Cane writes the song in the form of a letter to the Late “King of Pop” asking him to remind us that life is amazing and that we need change, before its too late !!! The song is Beatutifully written.

    Listen to the song –

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