“I feel privileged to have hung out and worked with Michael. He was a massively talented boy man with a gentle soul. His music will be remembered forever and my memories of our time together will be happy ones.”

- Sir Paul McCartney

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One Response to “Paul McCartney”
  1. Marie Bradley says:

    I never worked with him, Paul, but his talent and his devotion to entertainment and to his fans was incredibly awesome. His dancing, in my opinion, was unparalleled (at least during his generation of entertaining), his songs were wonderful and those eyes were so sincere, so caring and loving; a talented “boy man” with a gentle soul seems to be a perfect description of him. On one of his videos from the past that I viewed this past weekend, he had stated that the stage was the place he felt most comfortable and that was blatantly obvious each and every time he performed. You’re very fortunate to have worked with him (just as he was fortunate to have worked with you, another unbelievably musically talented icon). I didn’t work with him but I sure enjoyed his talents over the years. May he rest in enternal peace and love. R.I.P. Michael Jackson!

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