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6 Responses to “Posters”
  1. scott garrison says:

    hi i’m looking for the mj poster when he’s holding a lolly pop

  2. nathaniel martin says:

    hi im looking for the mj poster when he is in budapest at the moment after he jumps out of the stage and just stands there for like a minute please

    • mrid says:

      This is for nathaniel martin… if you go to and look up MJ they have that poster you are looking for. also try cause they may have something that you can frame.

  3. Jordan Simpson says:

    I love you Michael Jackson and I still love you and i will always love you and I loved you the way you were black and I loved you nose the way it was you not have to get plasteric surgery we all loved you the way you were and no matter how much you changed we all still love you and i love all your songs and I love We Are The World it is the most beautiful song i love you lional richie stevie wonder and diana ross i loved all of you guys and laddies in that song i sing it everyday and i cry so hard when i hear you and see you I love you so much I can’t stand a day without looking at you I would give everything up for you to still be alive if i just got to spend one whole day with you so my memory would be my last day on earth I got to be with Michael Jackson the man I love worship my idiol and most of all my loved one and friend I am only 11 years old and going to be 12 on september 26 and i am in 2 chiors and i don’t know wow you handled it but it is good for me and my mom grandma and my brothers and sisters say that i will become a famous singer and a good sports player because i play vollyball soccer softball basketball cheerleading and i run track and i want to play tennis i also played football for 4 years for the wellsville tiger and i am a girl so people though i was crazy but i to know how it is to be counted on alot but u put alot of effort into it and i do to but you had no friends when you were little and i think you could have used one and you only knew ben your mouse for a while and i am so sorry you did not get to live a normal live and you had a good live but you could have used a little bit of freedom in ur younger days.I give out my thanks to Joe Jackson and Katherine Jackson for having such a wonderful kid and talented kid and kids i love you Michael Jackson and your family to and all my prayers are sent out to you and them please Michael Jackson be in gods hands and rest in peace up there.I LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSON AN I ALWAYS WILL!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jordan Simpson says:

      I love you so much michael jackson and i love all my friends at school lauren balmenti,julie ward kylie severs,hannah hughes,austyn dozier,tristen davis,clara chamberlain,sam simpson,brair meek,sabrina dowd,bailee rinestine,kayla bower,quintin carr,conner mikenze,bobbie ann thiess,beth slegale, ashley riley,autumn harris, maria abdela,nic adkins, rachel crawford,erin tucker,danaile marriati,brook durbin,bryce mackenze,cole trotter,hannah hall,jake forsythe,jake stoffel, and I also love my cousins mikayla kaleena and ally crane and my cousins cody kris and sarah simpson my uncle jim and uncle mike and aunt shelly, my mother kim beagle my brothers shawn crane and kevin richard beagle, sister erin beagle and step brother zach phillips and step sister daina springer and my baby cousin logan cole davis, and my sisters new sister matilda beagle and my grandma murph and my pap melton crane and i would like to thanks my chior teacher robbin thiess and her husband bob thiess for talking me into the choir.I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MICHAEL IT IS UNBEILEVIBLE. I WILL NEVER EVER FORGET YOU EVER YOU ARE ALWAYS IN MU HEART. And in would like to thanks all my teachers mrs. welch mrs. chamberlian,mrs. white mrs. toot ms. mick, mr. lowe, mr. sigler, mrs. vujakula, mrs. madden, mrs. meek, mrs. lamoncha, miss. morgan, mrs. k hall, mrs. b hall and exspecaily my trumpet teachers mrs. hamilton, mr. moon, and mr. newmen.

  4. karine mourjan says:

    i miss you so much, i love and adore you michael! I still cry when i see your pictures or hear your beautiful tender voice…I wish you were still for me and the fans that love you, but i know you have peace now and that gives me comfort..You were too good of a person for this cruel earth micheal. i love you, i love you, i love you……

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