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Michael Jackson will be buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles on Thursday, September 3, 2009. Funeral services for family and friends will begin at 7 pm (Pacific).

There is no deadline in California requiring burial by a certain date after death.

Although there has been an unusually long-time since Michael Jackson’s death with no burial, this is an issue Michael’s parents need to agree upon, or eventually a court will.

As detailed on the page about who makes funeral arrangements, Michael Jackson’s parents are in full control of his burial.

If they cannot agree, then one can file a petition with the court for a judge to decide whose wishes (mother or father) will be followed so that Michael Jackson can be laid to rest.

There are, of course, several important considerations not common for the usual burial:

- Can Michael Jackson be buried in a place that will not be desecrated?

- Can Michael Jackson be buried in a place that will not be overrun for years with well-wishers?

- Should Michael be buried at Neverland, even though he indicated a personal desire never to return there after his criminal trial?

- What is the estate worth (both in cash and value of assets)? Then, the IRS estate / death tax will have to be determined. It is likely that the value of Michael Jackson’s assets will create a large tax bill that cannot be covered by cash, and that could require the sale of his assets (such as intellectual property and musical recordings) and that will reverberate in the future through lost yearly earnings for his family. This is important if Neverland, or another location, needs to be evaluated as a burial shrine, such as Graceland for Elvis, to enable a future flow of income.

- There is the criminal investigation surrounding Michael’s death. Final autopsy reports have not been provided. Since Michael Jackson’s body is, unfortunately, potential evidence in the ongoing investigation of this doctors, related issues could also delay his final burial.

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