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Michael Jackson Funeral Tickets Update:

- US residency requirement eliminated
- US citizenship requirement added (possible attorney mistake)
- You cannot win if you reside in New York, Florida or Rhode Island
- Tax, release, and publicity forms requirement added
- We have loopholes – below

The Staples Center website has eliminated the text on their web page that the offer to win tickets is only valid to United States residents.

However, within the fine print of NEW Official Rules posted at ( ) it states that all winners must complete the IRS W-9 tax form, The W-9 requires that you provide your US tax identification number and state under penalty of perjury that you are a United States citizen.

Per unconfirmed media reports that the intent is to open this up worldwide, inclusion of the W-9 requirement could be an unintended attorney drafting mistake.

Additionally, Residents of the states of New York, Florida, and Rhode Island are not eligible to enter and win.

Critical – There are 2 types of people:

1. The person winning 2 tickets. They can use 1 ticket for themselves, and
2. A guest – the ticket winner can bring a guest.

Loophole – residents of New York, Florida, and Rhode Island can apparently attend as the ‘guest’ of a ticket-winner, so long as the ticket winner is not a resident of one of the those states.

2nd Loophole – non-US citizens can also apparently attend as the ‘guest’ of a ticket-winner, so long as the ticket winner is a US citizen.

In other words, more confusion now that lawyers are involved.

Funeral admission tickets may not be resold.

Ticket winners for the Michael Jackson funeral be prepared to:

- Prove they own the email associated with their winning entry – OR – that they are a resident of the US

- Sign a US IRS W-9 tax form

Ticket winners and their Guests for the Michael Jackson funeral must:

- Agree their name, picture, personal information, can be distributed

- Sign waivers and publicity releases

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