Michael Jackson Funeral

Michael Jackson Memorial Service

First song, Hold my Hand, released from the new Michael Jackson album.

New Michael Jackson Album Info, News and Controversy. Is this really Michael Singing on Breaking News?


- Michael Jackson rests at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California.

- Dr. Conrad Murray is still awaiting his criminal trial for killing Michael Jackson.

- Over 200 unreleased songs by Michael Jackson remain unreleased.

- This Is It Movie has been released.

- Michael Jackson’s songs remain wildly popular. His estate is now, ironically, making more money than when Michael Jackson was still with us.


Latest – Michael Jackson Burial

Michael Jackson was buried on September 3rd at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles. Michael Jackson was interred in Forest Lawn’s Great Mausoleum, in a crypt in the Holly Terrace section.

Other notable stars interred in this building include Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, and Carole Lombard.

When will Michael Jackson be buried?

Michael Jackson was buried with his trademark white glove, pearl beads, a large gold belt, and sunglasses.


The Michael Jackson Funeral started with a private service at Forest Lawn at 8 am.

Although it was publicly announced there would be no procession afterwards, that was a ruse to reduce the number of people lining the roads and freeways. The LAPD blocked all traffic as the Michael Jackson motorcade proceeded from Forest Lawn to the Staples Center.

The public memorial ceremony followed:

Date: July 7, 2009
Time: 10:00 am
Place: Staples Center

Michael Jackson Funeral Ticket

Michael Jackson Funeral Ticket

The public Michael Jackson memorial service and tribute was Christian and not Muslim. Who decided Michael Jackson’s funeral arrangements? Do they have to follow his religious views? The answers are in this special report.

Michael Jackson’s incomplete death certificate is available and analyzed here:

Michael Jackson Death Certificate

Michael Jackson’s will has been released and is available here:

Read Michael Jackson’s Will

Autopsy results are pending. Although a full report from the coroner’s office is expected to take several weeks, the initial indication is that there was no foul play.
Michael Jackson’s family has obtained a second, private autopsy, and those results are also pending.

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Michael Jackson is survived by three children: Michael Jr., Paris, and Prince. He was not currently married, having previously divorced from Lisa Marie Presley and then Deborah Jeanne Rowe.

Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson has filed a petition with the Los Angeles Superior Court seeking control over Michael Jackson’s estate and to be appointed the guardian of his three children. She was appointed temporary custody until August 3rd when a hearing on the matter will occur. On July 6th, the court ordered that the executors in the will shall have control of the estate until the August 3rd hearing.

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3,990 Responses to “Michael Jackson Memorial Service”
  1. Michael Dan says:

    MJ always in my heart

  2. Prabu says:

    MJ always in my heart,soul and blood.

  3. Prabu says:

    Long live MJ

  4. raymond says:

    miss you michael jackson

  5. Chloe says:

    Michael Jackson is the best man who ever walked this earth.
    He was a very good entertainer despite the accusations made at him with the child molestation in 1993 the person who accused him was Jodie………..
    The accusations made by the 11 year old boy at the time where extordinary …..
    Michael looked on with no expression staying strong about the whole situation ….. During the 20 day trial Michael became mentealy and physical drained ….. during the trial Michael was an hour late and appeared in the jail house with he’s pyjamas on people think his was because he didt care and was careless but that is a lie as in fact he was late because he back had been at him and there was no time for him to change the juge didt really help as he told micheal he had to be there within the hour otherwise he would be jailed for 5 years …….. the news off the pop star dieing was tragic ….. he’s kids now live with there nan and granddad Katherine and Joseph Jackson [Michaels parents] and since he’s deaths the three children[Prince Paris and Blanket] have donated 13 pieces off the rockstars masterpiece , and prince now has a girl friend !!!!! need any more information just contect me at [email protected] REST IN PEACE MICHAEL JACKSON YOU WILL FOREVER BE MISSED and no one can hurt you now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. john says:

    Rest in peace M.J. see you in heaven.
    I always rememmber him when plying his game for sega genesis console at this websie:


  7. Khalifa Murtaza Aamir Siddique says:

    Love you michael !!!! love you ! LOVE YOU ! we all is gonna love you foreva man !!!!!

  8. Shaan Khan says:

    I love you micky world will remember you, I PRAY GOD & ALLAH, REST IN PEACE

  9. Shaan Khan says:

    I love you miky world will remember you, I PRAY GOD & ALLAH, REST IN PEACE MIKY

  10. Ryan says:

    I remeber when i shook hands with him it was awsome i cant believe if it wasent for his doctor MJ would still be alive 2day f* that doctor he gave him too many pills and other drugs …

    • Sher says:

      No my friend he died because he was a addict…(”dr. Murray”) was just one of his many suppliers (who happen to be his last of many!!!)…. he was the one who had a drug problem that killed him officially…murray was just another rich greedy drug pusher!… but at end of life Micheal knew what he was doing and that the risk he took in his addiction… was a game of russian rulet… Not hating just stating facts!!!

  11. brian says:

    Michael Jackson was the best.

  12. vinodkumar says:

    ever green king of pop music

  13. realtalk says:

    micheal will alwayz be theee king of pop – you will alwayz be remembered and never forgotten . Love you micheal.

  14. Shannon says:

    Michael was the best entertainer in the world!! I luv & miss u. I still cry when I think how he died. Conrad Murray is not a Dr. he’s a B#*&# a!@ murderer. See u in heaven Michael. REST IN PEACE

  15. N.MIRZA says:


  16. Mike says:

    A place is empty in my heart.

  17. [email protected] rOdRiGu3z says:

    Michael Jackson was the most sweet person anyone coud know. So bad that that stupid family who ruined his life with lies about touching kids an improper way messd him and you know that stays for ever. Everyone, think for a second… what would you feel if they accused you for something thats not true and everyone belives itt.

  18. [email protected] rOdRiGu3z says:

    People that judged michael with no reason you are wrong. He had a tuff childhood that mess him. But it dosn’t mean he was childesh or something. He was the most beutifull person ever has steped this world. Michaels family all my honors you were lucky to have a person like that. with all my heart I would have done everything to meet him and his family.

  19. steve says:

    Great stuff!

  20. pat lacy says:

    I would like to know the name of the song that lionel ritchie sang at mr jackson’s funeral

  21. thomas washington says:

    r.i.p mj will always miss you

  22. MARIA ALVAREZ says:

    i think micheal jackson was the best king of pop that we pay tubiute toand as year come by we are still going to have him in our heart .

  23. emilio says:

    funeral de michael jackson muete murrir por que estaba conmigo emilio y amigo michael jackson extrano tanto
    baile y paso gracias

  24. Joseph PNG says:

    i live in Papua New Guinea, have shown his face for a glimpse of second when he touched down at jackson airport for transit. he was a real hero of pop music..as a fan, i deeply miss him.he will be remembered every year.. there is no hero like him. we hate that mental retarded person who spoilt his future. RIP

  25. louisa says:

    u will be forever missed x always in our hearts love u mj xxxx RIP

  26. Blessedisthee Ray says:

    FOREVER MICHAEL…Thank you The King of Pop for your Love of The World and Family, Children and repeat Janet Jackson…To you Michael is an ICON, To us Michael is family and he will forever live in our hearts(Janet Jackson voice)

  27. ruth witek says:

    michael jackson was a good man and he will always be a good man, he will be miss and love always and for his family i am sorry for your lost i grow up with him and his songs, for his kids he will be okey becares my mommy is with him and she will take cares of your dad, i know you 3 kids will miss him but rember he is in your hearts and no one can take that form you. thank you all so much. love you michael jackson and family.

  28. isabella says:



  29. freedom harrison says:

    wish’es that he restlested with the angles, whom may look upon on his family firends & especailly his heart out to entrie coward of adoreing adriming F A N S.
    Hope that every prayers shut thier eyes just wish that he could be alright for himself & wish to be there for their sorrow.

  30. adrius says:

    Peace be with you MJ all of us remember you when we hear your songs on mtv the radio and mostly on tv. We will always remain your fans no matter what singer could be good enough you still be the best man that ever lived

  31. adrius says:

    We all miss you MJ,and you will always remain in our hearts

  32. elleyna says:

    michael, im so sad and happy at the same time im sad cause u passed on in our lives yet, your still there and again yet we cant see u but u r in our lives for ever and im happy cause u inspired me esspecially to dance sing and have a good time while being alive i used to hate to dance then my friends told me about u and every thing was perfect so, thx for being there and inspiring me to have a good time throughout my life u r a big part in life that will remain there till i pass on im glad yr i a better place love u for ever again thx for being there


  33. chelsey says:

    michael you will always be misssed i was a big fan of you and i was sad to hear that you had passed but i am glad you are in a better place and not suffering anymore you are in a happy place that you are still loved, but every one that loved you here will always remeber you and you will never be forgotten. may you rest on peace. And to his family i am very sorry for your loss you had a very good and intellaget son, and i know he was loved by you dearly. i hope you all get better. ~chelsey~

  34. kathy says:


  35. Ovidiu says:

    People come and go every day , but he who has touched the heart of every single person in this world shall forever remain in our memory as the true King Of Pop

  36. dorian yarak says:

    MJ we will allways love you and always stay in our hearts and the true king of pop

  37. Lilly says:

    He’s alive and I know it!!!!

  38. su wati says:

    hello Michael.. now i learning ur dance n songs. u never die in my heart. now, i wan to cry too much. :-( i miss u. have a peaceful life.

  39. nickie mcbride says:

    The KING OF POP will live on forever in are hearts and his music all this bull- talk about him .Did anyone ever really take the time to listen he spoke of his pain though his music. I dont think any of us could of lived his life any better.His father while they were growing up wasnt that nice. Micheal lived for people and children (and dont even go there about children) MIcheal loved all chidren no matter what race they were i for one am very pround of growing up with his music LOVE YOU MJ My heart goes out to his children and his family members and when Usher sang at his funeral i couldnt hold the tears in hhes my second favorite singer but Micheal will always be #1 LOVE_YOU MICHEAL JACKSON FOREVER AND ALWAYS

  40. Andrew says:

    Michael lived his last days as a muslim, even though his family gave him a Christian funeral service, that fact was not missed by God. As Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the light, no one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6 NIV) Therefore if Michael did not accept Jesus in his heart while he was alive, Jesus did not accept him into Heaven after he died.
    In having said that, since none of us was there when he died, none of us knows whether he reconciled with Jesus before his death or not, so only they know whether he is in Heaven or Hell.
    Yes that means keep praying for him and his family.

  41. Rusty Craig says:

    MJ is one of the best entertainer. Everyone who knows him will surely miss him. He will always be the king of pop in my heart.

  42. Michael Joseph Jackson says:

    Hey guys I’m back and better than ever

  43. ELIZBETH WOLFE says:

    Micheal jackson is the king of pop and he well always be making music even if he is not here. I want to tell the family that when u buried your brother your son u burdie the whole world with him. but we still love his music and we be here for the rest of u JACKSONS. KEEP UP YA’LLS HEAD AND BE STRONG FOR YOUR MOM.

  44. tamara reece says:

    he was a awesome singer

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