Michael Jackson Funeral Tickets Update:

- US residency requirement eliminated
- US citizenship requirement added (possible attorney mistake)
- You cannot win if you reside in New York, Florida or Rhode Island
- Tax, release, and publicity forms requirement added
- We have loopholes – below

The Staples Center website has eliminated the text on their web page that the offer to win tickets is only valid to United States residents.

However, within the fine print of NEW Official Rules posted at ( http://www.staplescenter.com/media/media0000001101.pdf ) it states that all winners must complete the IRS W-9 tax form, The W-9 requires that you provide your US tax identification number and state under penalty of perjury that you are a United States citizen.

Per unconfirmed media reports that the intent is to open this up worldwide, inclusion of the W-9 requirement could be an unintended attorney drafting mistake.

Additionally, Residents of the states of New York, Florida, and Rhode Island are not eligible to enter and win.

Critical – There are 2 types of people:

1. The person winning 2 tickets. They can use 1 ticket for themselves, and
2. A guest – the ticket winner can bring a guest.

Loophole – residents of New York, Florida, and Rhode Island can apparently attend as the ‘guest’ of a ticket-winner, so long as the ticket winner is not a resident of one of the those states.

2nd Loophole – non-US citizens can also apparently attend as the ‘guest’ of a ticket-winner, so long as the ticket winner is a US citizen.

In other words, more confusion now that lawyers are involved.

Funeral admission tickets may not be resold.

Ticket winners for the Michael Jackson funeral be prepared to:

- Prove they own the email associated with their winning entry – OR – that they are a resident of the US

- Sign a US IRS W-9 tax form

Ticket winners and their Guests for the Michael Jackson funeral must:

- Agree their name, picture, personal information, can be distributed

- Sign waivers and publicity releases

Copy the code below to your web site.
20 Responses to “Michael Jackson Funeral Tickets Only for US Residents”
  1. Stephanie Hameed says:

    I’m a die hard Michael Jackson Fan that is disabled and on a fixed income and I purchased for tickets from Albany, New York to come to LA to say good bye the worlds greatest superstar ever, and now they are limiting who can come. They are suggesting his dear fans stay home, but I already purchased our airline tickets. Now What?

    • Jackie says:

      You r a resident that means you can attened if you get the tickets

    • Katie says:

      Get a refund from the airlines.

      • imanechaa says:

        well i am from montreal canada i booked my flight ticket too! im in ur same situation except i am still going because ctv canada am (news channel) contacted me to be part of an interview live at the staples center and they have reserved a spot for me (I DONT KNOW ifd that means ill be able to get in the staples center) but yeah im going alone and if you want to be part of the interview your more trhan welcomed…tv reporter is jeffrery tam 778 2283633 u can tell him imane chaa refered you

      • imane chaa says:

        im in the exact situation as you (booked my flight but no tickets) IM FROM MONTREAL AND TV STATION NEWS CTV CANADA ASKED ME TO JOIN them (sorry caps) for a small interview
        if you wanna come with me ur more than welcomed

    • Reggie says:

      I have tickets but I cant go now..text me 323 717 1022

  2. tina says:


  3. Brigette Johnson says:

    Please I want Michael’s funeral or memorial tickets.. I’m on of he’s biggest fans.. I love Michael Jackson!!!

  4. vetsi says:

    Can someone tell me what the hell is going on like for real cuz this is getting rediculous. Martin luther king was layed out for days, james brown days whats this one day business!! and whats this ticket lottery business!!!!

  5. Joanne says:

    It seems the Jackson’s seemed to overhwelmed with grief that when AEG jumped and said they could have a memorial at the staples center they took charge. I understand it would have been inconvenient to have a huge number of fans swarming LA but it wouldnt have hurt for a few hours. The whole thing is not what I expected at all and not exactly fitting for the KING MJ. I can’t believe it the whole world stopped when Elvis died and when Diana died why cant MJ have the same treatment, he certainly deserves it.

  6. BIANCA says:

    Michael Jackson … cara podre … alem de pedofilo, cobra funeral para pagar as contas dele ….

    Cara pessimo ……

    Nao se preocupava com seus fas e sim com seu dinheiro, bem estar e entre outras coisas … calando a BOCA DAS PESSOAS COM OS SEUS DOLARES!!!!

    deixo aqui meu pensamento ….

  7. sekou barrow says:

    I will not miss this for anything in the world!!! But must I be a registered member to get admission? because if so, I’m having trouble trying to register w/ staplescenter.com. could someone please help me with that?

  8. Rafael Silveira says:


  9. Antoinette says:

    OK, I have a question, why are you not able to win if you are from Florida, New York or Rhode Island?

    • Michael Jackson Funeral says:

      Apparently, there are legal restrictions in those states pertaining to lotteries that would make participating in the Michael Jackson funeral ticket offer illegal.

  10. Oliver says:

    Why only US citizen? That means, it will be a privat american memorial? What about all the other fans? I don’t think it’s fair and when you think about what MJ was standing for (cultural diversification), I question, if he would have liked a closed memorial. Or did I get something wrong and others can come too>?< Or is the rest of the world really excluded? That was not what he was singing for.

  11. Oliver says:

    I just wanted to add, that I do understand, that numbers are very restricet. But then I really agree to the previous opinions, why only a few hours to say good bye? He is the King of Pop. The only one on this planet earth. I understand the family, but MJs family was the worlds people as well.

  12. vetsi says:

    MICHAEL belong to all of us we all share in our grief we should all be able to mourn together. 17500 tickets for us citizens only i mean thats not even a small university… they are doing a great disservice to the legacy of the King of Pop!

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