CONFIRMED date and location for a service for Michael Jackson is:

NOTE: No viewing is confirmed. Michael’s body will be buried before this public event.

Date: Tuesday, July 7th
Time: 10:00 am
Place: Staples Center – Downtown Los Angeles

Information about making travel arrangements for the Michael Jackson ceremoney are here.

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111 Responses to “Michael Jackson Memorial at the Staples Center”
  1. pamela says:

    I would be there if i could but i’m on the other side of the country and can’t afford to go. Oh Michael why did you have to leave us????

    • Sammi says:

      I agree Pamela, I am on the other side of the world and cant afford to go!! WIll be glued to my tv watching though…..our hearts are breaking, our souls are aching, we adored you Michael Jackson, Forever and always the only King of Pop!

  2. Nita says:

    I’m so excited now because I wasn’t able to go to Neverland on Friday. I’ll have my rhinestone studded glove and Thriller shirt ready to go. We’re singing for ya Michael can you hear us???!!!

  3. Aussie fan says:

    Just remember everyone that all of these reports are unconfirmed…do not waste money for travel etc. until it is confirmed…I am sure the Jackson family will give enough notice for fans to travel

  4. Joanne says:

    Well I have just booked my flight and about to leave should I just go and pay respects at Neverland

  5. Joanne says:

    Thanks Im not going to do anything and try and get my money back I paid for my flight

  6. Alfa says:

    All you crazy stupid fans of MJ that rare stupid creature are advised to stay home or a brothel and have a good sex with your partner during the fuc**ing funurel.

    • dawgg says:

      hey alfa u dont fuc*ing talk nything..i no tat u re jealous tat if u die not even ur partner will b there 2 pay last respect to u…coz u re useless…even i think u dun even have a private part to hv sex…so jus buzz off…dun talk nything bad bout MJ here…u dont fuc*ing belong here…

    • Cool says:

      I see you never had freinds in High school you have self esteem issuses huh?

    • michelle says:

      Have some respect for the dead

  7. Shakira says:

    Yeah.. that’s a good suggestion alfa.. want to come and make love with me during the Funeral at neverland?

  8. Nadine says:

    Oh Michael, I miss you so much, there aren’t any words that could express the pain…. You gave us so much! If there was any chance for me to come, I wouldn’t think about it, took a flight and would be there…but I’m on the other side of the world, in Germany/Europe (Cologne)……I cannot afford it! Rest in peace, Michael! I hope, that you’re in a better world now. Michael! You are an angel! I’ll always admire and love you!…….Why????

    • Udo says:

      MJ REST IN PEACE. The World will remember you for ever.

      Greetings to the fans all over the World and Nadine from

  9. Michelle says:

    There will never, ever be enough words to express the void that will be left behind. God blessed us all with a wonderfully talented and humble human being. There are countless moments in my lifetime Michael has influenced me as a person and an artist…in my writing…..from the beginning. By the time my memory starts kicking in, Michael was already 13 and well on his way with his brothers. I was hooked from that beginning. Michael countlessly showed us that we can dream as big as we like, and attain it….as long as we’re willing to work for it. For the majority of us, we’ve only seen Michael from a distance and cannot ever really claim to ‘know’ him. But what I saw was a very ambitious, talented, creative, generous and yet humble man. The only thing that saddened me, was that he didn’t seem to see himself the way we saw him; was never inwardly happy……not that the media has ever helped on that one. I tear up from time to time w/my thoughts of him, but can only immediately smile for Michael ALWAYS made me happy, made my oldest daughter who is now 20 happy and is now bringing that same sparkle to the eyes of my 2 youngest kids who are 7 & 9 — What A Legacy!!! :)

    Thank you God for creating such a gift to the world, thank you Michael for your enduring spirit and countless efforts and I thank the Jackson family for being generous enough to share him with us. My prayers are with you all, especially the children.

    It will take a while for the void to heal and we will; but we will NEVER forget and keep Michael alive for many more generations to follow. I do take comfort in the fact that Michael is finally at peace and that no matter what the media puts out there or any other hater……Michael can no longer be hurt by such poison. Praise be to God!!!

    Sleep well Michael, enjoy your Mansion on the Hilltop and we will see you when we get there. Until then, we will continue to celebrate the wonderful person you are.

  10. nobrtus lasa says:

    oh michael, I miss so much I just pray for you may God will forgive all sins you have done during your life time and I will pray for your family and your relatives.

  11. Mutia Ramlah says:

    THere’ll be no other person like you Michael. I’m gonna missing you a lot.
    love from Indonesia.

  12. poppy says:

    I wish I was going :( ( are they going to show it on TV?

    I really miss him, can’t stop crying, why did he havve to go :( ((

    “Michael you make the sky and stars more beautiful to gaze upon”


  13. Joanne says:

    Theres no official confirmation as of yet about the memorial…….I too wish I hadnt cancelled my flight and just gone to Neverland to pay my respect. No doubt I will be going if its at where they are saying I will maybe go. Now if they decide to bury him at Neverland I will go pay tribute on his birthday but at the mo it seems unlikely.

  14. Melanie says:

    I wish i could come, but i live in the Netherlands its too far.i hope they will show it on live tv because i dont wanna miss this. and then i can try to leave this sad period behind me and start celebrate your life, Michael. I’ll make sure that when i’ll have kids, they will grow up knowing you, the most beautiful,sweetest,loved,greatest etc,etc of the whole world and owner of my heart. Thank you Michael. i love you very very much.

    • verginia says:

      Ik ben hier op vakantie en maak alles van dichtbij mee. Het is erg indrukwekkend.
      De begrafenis is op dinsdag, voor zijn fans in Los Angeles, Daarna word hij eindelijk begraven.
      Hij kan eindelijk gaan rusten.
      Hij zal (is) een gemis voor de wereld. Gisteravond was er een muzielspecial off his 30th enniversary.
      Ik heb het opgenomen. Ben ook van plan zijn begrafenis op te nemen. OOk heb ik repetitie van 2 dagen voor zijn doo opgenomen. Het was fantastisch, hij was healty, he smiles.

  15. Imanechaa says:

    Heyy I’m from montreal and none of my friends wanna come with me at the memorioal in los angeles because they can’t afford it:( I’m still going but alone it sucks but I’m sure I’ll meet some nice people with whom I could share my grief and tears with. We love you michael I hope you rest in peace!

  16. LC says:

    Im am going to attend also. I have a 11mth old son so his nanny will be with him during that. Im trying to put death off as long as possible. I tell ya Michael leaving hurts so much. I have a similar childhhod as to his i mean not famous but abuse. I always related to him since I was small. He was always there and now its just so damn hard pictureing a world without him. He was such a kind soul. I think we all should donate some time to other people in need in his honor. What ya say?

    • Joanne says:

      I totally agree, we should carry on his charity work in his honour and donate some of our time to help the world.

  17. jai says:

    R.I.P mike I will alwayz remember u my aunt jill was ur #1 fan she has pics sittin on ur porch she’s takin it kinda hard she took me 2 my first concert and u put on excellent sho so family members if u r reading please allow her 2 b able 2 pay her respects cause I truly think she deserve it

  18. Zubee A - Toronto, CA says:

    It stated Michael will have similar burial to his father-in-law twice due to some legal matters sorted out for private burial. The guy has been dead since las tthursday still the yhave his body perishing even in his death. Rather the yshould of buried him and let him rest in peacefully. He went through so much in life already from people who accused him, all those haters who wanted to see a person fall when they are getting up in life. I have never seen such memorials before every country give memorials to him, even he is in USA and only there fans can view him. The other places is just his photos and flowers. He has shocked the entire world, a man truly was loved by most people in the world. I like to attend his funeral in LA. I can’t get it over…that he is dead I have to accept it….May God give his soul a resting place in heaven….I felt for Jermaine when he testify on today news about when he was called and told by his mom I felt his words he was deeply moved and shocked completely. I don’t think they should even have an open viewing for him, just people should walk around his coffin and no view. He should be laid to rest very peacefully.
    Why all the fuss I am sure Michael do not like wha tis going on over his dead soul…R.I.P Idol I hope your sould is seeing how the world mourns for you at this time with your family!!

  19. melissa says:

    I lost my percepetion of time, im on a zombie state since then.
    I feel so lost, sometimes I get into euphoria makin myself delusional he did it to leave and be finally free, so then I see the news again and go into a deep depression.
    I asked a few days on my job, cause I can not work, eat, I m barely sleeping.Im really getting sick, gosh I loved him so much!On 1993 he came here to Brazil, i was recovering myself from a kidney surgery, I literally abandoned the hospital took a bus and traveled 2000km to see him.

    My husband is hurting me, cause he can not understand, God Im so confused.Right now im crying, and my heart is hurting so deeply, that I almost can no breath. I was abused also, and was lonely also, I had grow locked on a room, my father did to me so many things as Joe did with my angel.Im childlike too, even when I have 33, I can not move on of my never know childhood as him.

    And now I lost my precious love, the one I dreamed all my best fantasies, my best friend. my first love, my dream lover, my confident.I was with a candle yesterday praying for him, and the light of the candle moved for both sides, it gave me a brief moment of peace…But I dunno how i will handle it.

    I had lost all my grandparents , but no loss as something close of what Im feeling.I know I will somehow recover, but I will never see the world again with the same eyes,knowing my Peter is not eating somewhere, laughing somewhere, crying somewhere, sleeping somewhere, making love somewhere,dancing somewhere,kidding somewhere.

    Gosh I wished it so badly to be a Hoax, not for a Stung marketing strategy, but for him to restart as another person.My sorrow is so big i started to write a fanfiction about this, as a kind of comfort to myself,but even this did not helped too much.

    I wonder if…I do not want to say the world…”his last curtain call on this Earth” will be with an opened coffin case…They do not say nothing about it, and I can not even go since Im on Brazil.This memorial thing will be a concert, or we will see his stunning pure beautiful and angelical face for the last time?

    Please God help my twisted soul…Cause I know you already helped your so much beloved son!

    Eu te amo Michael Joseph Jackson!

    I beg if you have mercy, if anyone know if the funeral will have the case opened send me an e-mail:[email protected]

    Our Spirit Never Die!

    • Joanne says:

      Are you attending the memorial?

      • melissa says:

        Oh Joanne I can not

        Im on Brazil…We need to book our trips to US with 6 months of antecipation!

        I wished I´d go.I can not imagine how it will be next 7th.I have a very complicated disease on my kidneys since I was a kid, and Im starting to get sick.

        I pray and pray but I can not stop to suffer.Its a pain I can not explain.

        But to believe I really really needed to see…Im so confused.


        • Joanne says:

          I can understand how badly you want to go, I’m from the Uk and I really want to go but personal stuff means I cant go. I feel your pain, I feel it too.

    • Petra says:

      Dear Melissa,

      I couldn´t describe my feelings better than you described yours. I am so glad there is someone out there who is feeling the same. Am confused, lost…the world seems to be very empty.

      Take good care of yourself and thank you for your words, it helped.


    • Carin says:

      If you can, take comfort in knowing, “you are not alone.” Even though your husband may not understand your pain, there are many who do. I understand it and I feel it with you. Rest in Heavenly Peace sweet Michael. You are and always will be loved.


  20. Joanne says:

    I saw Jermaine on the news chanel and can’t believe how he managed to keep it together, I guess he believes he will live on even though hes gone and that gives him strength. Religion and spiritulism can be very powerful. I could feel the pain and see it in his eyes and hear it in his words.
    As far as I know there is no public viewing just a memorial.
    Watching the clips deeply saddens me that I never got to see my idol perform on stage.

  21. Michele says:

    We miss you and love you Michael. May you rest in peace at last!

  22. Dr.Dib Emy says:

    I hear you Michelle and all of you out there who are feeling the horrible lost, I honestly believe that no words could possibly be used in here, all I am able to do is cry him and pray for him to be able from where ever his to see all the love he left behind so he can be happy coz for him all he wanted is the love of the people when every body wanted and still a peace of him (that is true, sad but true).
    As for those who can’t lose their meanness and cruelty even in such circumstances just remember that we are millions and millions with broken hearts and spirits the thing that I presume you wouldn’t understand it, only know that your meanness in here doesn’t hurt a person but millions of us!

  23. Michelle says:

    I just read this from TMZ.COM regarding the tickets for the memorial service for Michael Jackson:

    “AEG and reps for the Jackson family just announced a memorial service for Michael Jackson will take place at the Staples Center on Tuesday at 10:00 AM. 11,000 tickets will be distributed free of charge to the general public — a press conference will be held tomorrow morning to address the situation further.”

    I look forward to the press conference on this tomorrow.

  24. Inge van Duijn says:

    The world misses you allready. The Netherlands for ever and a day. We lost a hero. Rest in peace sweet Michael…….my condoleances to the family.

  25. Myriam says:

    Hi everyone

    I watched the news and it is said that 11.000 tickets will be distributed for free (but when and where?) and what about the other 9.000 ?!? Will fans have to pay ? I was supposed to take a flight today to go from Paris to LAX (I’m glad I didn’t as they cancelled the Neverland viewing) and now I’m wondering if it’s worth going to the Staples Center on Tuesday..?? How is it gonna be ? Affraid to do all this trip for not much.. I mean we’re even not sure of what it’s gonna be there and if I’ll be able to enter the center (beacause of the crowd) etc… I especially lament the fact that fans are told contradictory things.. I don’t think people realize that they’re coming to L.A from all around the world and I believe the info should be clearer.. I know talking about money is like not appropriated in these circumstances but tha’ts a fact ! It’s an expensive travel for many of us and we should know : what, where and when !!
    All my thoughts to the family and fans who feel the same pain as me, it’s been a week now (incredible…) and we have to let Michael live in our hearts now. I’ll never forget you, Mike. I LOVE YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART

  26. Stephanie says:

    are there some tickets left? or am I too late? :(
    MJ, I miss you

  27. Joanne says:

    I dont think so, Michael’s Mother is set to hold a press conference first

  28. Lefty says:

    So upset for a great entertainer. What an icon. I also can’t believe the constant change of plans for his viewing. Took my days off, booked hotels and now…Have to be at work on Tuesday. We will all miss you Michael.

  29. verginia says:

    he is the king and he will always be the king. R.I.P Micheal

  30. nikkie says:

    You are such an asshole. Regardless to how u feel about him remember we are talking about someone’s memorial. Have some respect for him. He was still a human being and think about the family he left behind and their feelings. Remember Christ forgives us all of our sins.

  31. Joanne says:

    Just watched the news conference and you can register for a chance to get tickets to the memorial, unfortnately its only open to US residents. Im from the Uk and desperate to go anyone applying for a ticket and only needs one please please consider me. You get two tickets.

    RIP Michael, I hope you find peace, although I wont be there I will be saying a prayer for you.

    • Aussie fan says:

      Hi Joanne,

      I think it seems unfair that only usa residents can apply…I wonder what the reasoning is behind it…Jermaine talked about all the fans from the UK so why are they cutting them out? I wouldnt be able to go anyway but I know many here who had already booked flights from other countries…let us know if anyone is kind enough to pass a ticket your way!

  32. Kanchana Kodituwakku - Sri Lankan Film Actor says:

    If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.
    - Michael Jackson

    You are right. Rest in peace Mr. Jackson

    All Sri Lankans are salutes you.



    [email protected]

  33. Letty says:

    My sincere condolences to the Entire Family, I am 47 years and grew up following all the Jackson’s careers, I educated my now 10 year old daughter to the King of Pop 5 years ago, She fell in love with his talent, studied the video and always try to perfect them, she is a young died hard fan, for her birthday, christmas and throughout the year, we all get her MJ CD’s, or get her a T SHirt made with MJ Photo on it, She told me about 4 years ago, That she was going to save her money and if he ever passed, that was one funeral she would go to. When the new broke, I said I do I tell her, It was hard, she has been sleepin’ with me since, as she goes to sleep, she just want to listen to the news or her CD’s of MJ, After call the town officials to see if the town was going to do anything, (Negative), we I tried to host a Candlelight Vigil in his memory at my storefront, but too last minute not a good turn out, I was doin’ this for her and myself, We are packed to come to LA but the not knowing of us getting in will hurt us even more, I told her if we don’t get tickets let Michael Jackson Legacy Live thru her talent and be the Best she can be. R I P Michael This family from San Fran, CA now resides in TEXAS, really will miss you, MJ will never be duplicated nor forgotten, BEST ENTERTAINER OF ALL TIMES

  34. Laurie Pede says:

    I’m fed up with the drug companies always pushing people to buy drugs to cure whatever that ails you. Take the commercials off tv, you don’t need drugs to cure everything. Poor Michael, whom we luv & miss might still be with us otherwise. I’m a US citizen but live in Canada, so I can’t register to win 2 tickets or I certainly would! If I had the money, would luv to be at Michael’s funeral. Michael was such a wonderful, unique individual who I wished I would have met & been friends with. If Michael can look-down from Heaven, he’d see just how luved he was & (missed)…..

  35. Phil the Plumber says:

    Well I am not too sad to see him go. He had music talent but was pretty much a weirdo. I don’t mean this offensively I am just sharing my opinion. I am sorry all of you feel so bad who loved him. It is tough to lose a loved one.

  36. alexandra marie salazar says:

    My name is Alex, and I am 12 years old. I never got a chance to see him live, or grow up with him. I Remember The Time when I heard Thriller, I don’t want it to sound dramatic but I heard it and it hit me right in my musical soul. Never had I heard such music before. Belive it or not my life changed that day. Michael was my teacher in many ways, especaily music. He helped me find my passion, which is music. For about almost 5 years, I’ve had a dream of being an entertainer. Like Michael, though I know KNOWONE will ever compare to him. Micheal was my hero, he was my best friend I never knew as a person. I can understand having somebody reading this thinking my story is not true or hoky, but I really am speaking this from the heart. I’ve been called freak at my school because I loved him. I was never one of those freaky fans, but just a Humungo one. I mourned for 5 days after his death. No other musical artist has touched my soul. Michael also showed me so many other artist, and music. I could go on forever, but my most deepest sympathy to his family. I know what it’s like to loose somebody you love. So I would give about anything to go to his memorial service. Love You, Michael! # 1 fan

  37. alexandra marie salazar says:

    I am from Thornton, Colorado and I will go with a parent

  38. Luis Moraes & family says:

    Dear Michael,

    I am very thankfull for your eternal heritage to us. You will be always an Star now shining on the sky Moonwalker, you are the The King of the Pop music, most incredible singer performer and dancer I’ve ever hear and seen on. I regret for not going to watch your show during your tour in Brazil back on the 90’s. I will miss you, but you never going to be forgotten in our minds and hearts. Will You Be There forever, and from wherever you are now, Gone Too Soon, We Remember the Time with your songs and videos, that are Healing the World on the Planet Earth, so let’s Keep the Faith don’t matter if we are Black or White. Who is It Michael that has taken you away from us, but You Are Not Alone. Drugs are Bad and Dangerous, let’s keep it Off the Wall.

    Michael, may God to give you light and guidance to your soul. Rest In Peace, You are my friend ! ;o(

    Through your lyrics, I’ve think I started to understand your thoughts and feelings during your life and Thriller:

    P.S. “…But they told me, a man should be faithfull, and walk when not able, and fight til the end, but I’m only Human.
    Everyone’s taking control of me, seems the the World’s got a role for me, I’m so confused, will you show to
    me, you’ll be there for me, and care enough to bear me (Hold me)…”
    “…Born to amuse, to inspire, to delight, Here one day, Gone one night. Like a sunset, Dying with the rise of Moon,
    Gone too soon…”
    “…And it doesn’t seem to matter, and it doesn’t seem right, ‘Cause the will has brought no fortune, Still I cry alone
    at night, Don’t you judge of my composure, ‘Cause I’m lying to myself…Who is it ? Somebody hurt my soul,
    I can’t take it ’cause I’m lonely…”

    Small tribute from Luis Moraes & family, Jundiai – Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  39. shanel says:

    rip michael jacksons i really want to go to the funnel if i wasnt so far

  40. Rhiannon says:

    Hi guys- so I am in la from tomorrow and have changed plans and moved work things so I can leave Tuesday night. I am
    Coming all the way from London and am
    on my own.

    I have just found out that the staples center event is open to US residents only and yet I am here (currently in NYC to change planes) – PLEASE if anyone does get two tickets and only needs one get in touch. It’s a lot to ask but I hbe flown thousands of miles for this one event… My email is [email protected]

    Thank you!

  41. Ginger says:

    We all know that the media is behind so many lies. Can you imagine what it would be like if the media took your life and turned it upside down? Just watching the news makes me sick. I feel so bad for Michael’s family to watch all of this crap. Nobody knows but God how he lived his life and that is between him and God now. All the people that are talking badly about his life have secrets in their own closet. Judge yourselves people, the time is coming.
    We will all remember Michael and how generous he was and how he could sing and dance like no other. Sending prayers to the family. It is really sad that Michael didn’t get to really see how many people loved him. Now he can see from heaven. I am sure that everyone that has judged him, will be judged in return. One song to remember- God only cries for the living, for it’s the living, that are so far from home.

  42. leo says:

    i would like to see his hands, i heard they are amazingly huge. has anyone seen his hands.
    in life he became a freak, in death may he be at rest and let his music do the talking.

  43. Toni Morrell says:

    I knew Michael as a kid and I have tickets to his funeral and I am going . I feel sorry for his kids, I only met the first
    one and he was only a year old. Mike is a good guy and he will be missed. I have a lot of pics of him as a little kid when we were friends and in school

    • Joanne says:

      I am so sorry for your loss, my thoughts go out to you, may you find the strength. Please say a prayer for him from me and for his family

  44. Yvonne says:

    Dear Friends:

    We are saddened by the news of Michael Jackson’s death and we join you and all the people of the world who loved Michael in offering our prayers to his family. We are sure that you are aware that hundreds of thousands of people from around the world will be at the Staples Center in Los Angeles this Tuesday for Michael Jackson’s Memorial Service. Many of those people will want to have a keepsake in honor of this great man. We know that you are proud, as we are, of Michael’s accomplishments and that’s why we want to make you aware of a wonderful tribute to him that was published by Amber Books in 2005.

    We have the “Michael Jackson: The King of Pop” book (please see the email below) and are looking for people who want to sell it – organizations, churches, schools, book fairs, street tables, etc. It is a beautiful tribute to Michael with 60 photos, including a 16-page color insertion.

  45. Usman says:

    A person died should be burried as soon as possible, we should respect a person’s dead body but unfortunately people are making money and advertising it.

  46. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSON FOREVER,voce esta guardado no coração da AMÉRICA DO SUL,especialmente no BRASIL,o BRASIL esta desolado com a perda,nos sentimos muita saudades,mas o amor vai continuar para sempre e voce tambem sempre estara conosco .

  47. Mike Jones says:

    USA citizens only… typical of arrogant Americans. Let you not forget the past as many years he was basically not welcome in the USA, but a friend to the rest of the world as we suppported him.

  48. Roberta says:

    Dear Michael, you will be always loved wherever you are. Too bad we will not ablet o see yo anymore, you brough so much joy to lives in all over the world.
    Forever remember in our hearts
    my generation loved you very so much, so did I and my family. Your songs will beforever played everybody will know who you were as we know Elvis Presley.
    rest in peace

  49. Imanechaa says:

    All my condoleance to his family and my heart goes to his children ! Michael will always be in our hearts! I alreay booked a plane ticket to los angeles but i’m a Canadian resident….if anyone of you has a 2nd ticket and doesn’t have anyone else to go with PLEASE consider me…..I had no idea that it was for us residents only so that’s why I booked my plane tickets….if I knew I would have not booked a plane ticket…..I wanna go and I will still go cuz I want to be part of this sad moment….meet people who love admire michael………
    May he rest in peace….
    We love you forever!
    Those who are kind enough to share their second ticket would me would make me so happy and tearful! I never got the chance to meet people who adore him like this and respected him as a person! My email is [email protected]


  50. Joanne says:

    I really want to be apart of this like so many other fans out there so if anyone has a spare ticket and willing to share this would make me happy. I have been a fan of MJ since the moment I was born, I have been brought up on a variety of different music. I never got the chance to see him perform and would at least like the chance to say my prayers and peace.

    [email protected]

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